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Flow Krow
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About Flow Krowone of us since 7:30 AM on 03.20.2011

I've been gaming since I was born.There was an arcade across from the hospital.I crawled there(I felt it calling).

Playsation has always being the center of my gaming activities.I've currently only got a PS3 and PSP.When I get out of school and steal someone's job I'll branch out into other gaming brands.

I enjoy gaming(that much is obvious or you wouldn't be reading this)art,literature(fancy word)and short walks on the beach.

One day you will be playing games I have worked on-[Fact]

Currently playing:Killzone 3.
Dead Space 2 Severed.
Dragon Age Ultimate Edition.

Looking forward to:Mortal Kombat.
Duke Nukem Forever.
Infamous 2.
Bioshock Infinite.
Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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