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Prototype delayed due to a case of "short guy" complex

G4tv.com is reporting that prototype is being delayed till '09. I personally think its because GTA 4 just came out and they just get a big mouthful of what a benchmark game is, and for me, it bodes not well for me and my excitement for the game.

I want my game hype to be RELENTLESS and have confidence coming out the ears!

Not a huge GTA fan, but it is a well done, complete game for what it tries to achieve. Only time will tell about the re-workings of Prototype. I just wish the Devs could grow some balls enough to run with their own ideas.
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This shit changes all the time. I just bought Assassin's Creed for 15 bucks so ill be playing that. GTA 4, COD 4, random things. WTF
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