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Those playing FEHeroes... why do you do it? What is your goal? (I've decided to try maxing (5*, L40) as many different characters as I happen to get.)


I went through my Wii U digital games one day. I had completely forgotten amiibo touch and play (tap). What a misstep that was...


I'm wondering if studying Finnic mythology sporadically for a few years to make a game based on it would be worth doing. Especially since I can't imagine the game would be any fun to play.


I've had more fun than I expected with Turing Test. Why didn't I play it before -- I certainly had it in my Steam library for ages.


I'm considering permachanging my alias. Every time someone writes here "Figma" I mistake that for "Flgma", ergo, me. I'm a counterfeit Figma with limited mobility.


One of my big flaws is that I keep considering Switch as a docked console only instead of a portable console.


This year Finland's performer in the Eurovision Song Contest will be... Darude. Linked, a toy-trumpetless cover of his best-known song. I'd like to post the "What year is it?" image too, though.


If I wanted to play a 3D game that was a bit like Metroid Prime in the exploration but more puzzles and effectively no combat, which game should I play?


Quick judgment on Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX on Switch: no attempt at pointer controls at all, 2D cutscenes look resolutionwise like they're from the WiiWare original or the 3DS port, low-poly models abound.


I imagine many remember such Quake 1/2 mods like CTF, TF and ActionQuake. But what are the lesser-known mods for these games you have fond memories of?


Thought I'd link to this one Youtuber whose shmup playthrough videos I've been watching -- and even more so reading the video descriptions.


I got mail. Just the one on the top, though.


I decided to give No More Heroes 2 a shot. So far, the minigames have been more fun than the "actual" game.


After playing some OutRun on Switch, I got the urge to try playing World Rally Fever on PC again. And I still can't win the easiest cup.


Would the (S)NES Classic Mini count as a physical release of the games on it?


"To unlock Margarete, I signed a pact with Mephistopheles for unlimited gacha/lootboxes." Typing that felt wrong for more than one reason.


Today, I finally took the plastic wrap from around my copy of DKCR:TF. Still didn't play it, though, I just let my coworkers to play it and see if they'd like it on Switch. (I think one'll pick NSMBU DX, which I completely understand.)


I just spent close to 70€ on yet another book about video games (840 pages about Konami games on MSX). And I still haven't written the review of the point-and-click adventure game coffee table book. I should put my priorities straight.


I'm hoping to find people interested in talking about (old) video games on Discord one day. And I mean voice chat, not just typing.


"If you would escape moral and physical assassination, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing" -- Elbert Hubbard. Hence I now intend to remove my accounts from several different sites (if they're still even up).


I thought I'd write a blog detailing all MSXdev'18 entries (retro game dev compo), but looking at how much I hadn't seen in an MSXdev'17 entry (see the video) despite attempting to play it for some time... yeah, I don't think I will.


My GOTY of 2018... 3) Go Vacation. 2) Obra Dinn. 1) Rogue Aces. That's about every 2018 game I've played and can think of fondly right now.


I'm not ready for 2019 to arrive. But at least next year and tomorrow will never arrive.


Thinking I should try writing a blog on how I'd use procedural generation to make a metroidvania map, in greater detail than "Step 1: throw metroidvania into trash."


Looked back at my 2018 resolutions... I did write the gravity game blog, but not one on MySims. Didn't partake in fundraisers or Patreon, either, which is a failure on my part.


Even with the grace of Rabbid Peach, will we ever see her in Rabbid Six Siege?


Played through Valthiria Arc on Switch once. Lackluster dungeon design, messy combat, many plot leads that led absolutely nowhere. Supposedly the game has multiple endings (might explain the above leads). I'm writing a quick judgment on the game.


I expect there are people here who appreciate this rendition, no matter which day of the week it is.


Writing a blog on Startopia; installed it from CD, but it didn't even start. Hoping GOG or Steam versions fare better when I get back home.


I may be running out of Xmas chiptunes I'd recommend.


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