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Striving for oblivion and obscurity has been much more troublesome and tedious than I expected.


Oh the irony of trying to clear a game under a time limit for an achievement being a waste of time.


Not a fan of SW, but might as well shill for one of my new favourite YT channels.


If you got physical PC rereleases, which series are they in? Series like Xplosiv, White Label, EA Classics, Powerplus, Ubisoft Exclusive, Sold Out, PC Best Buy, Play4Less, Revival, Medallion (these are most of mine).


I must have tried to clear Spider Solitaire in under 5 minutes for several hours now, just to try and get every accomplishment in the game. Arrrrgh. (Total playtime 30 hours.) Patience pretty much has become my favourite genre, as I predicted years ago.


When you gotta go fast, you should still ask "why".


I hadn't realized how few "complete" game series I have in physical form (excluding bundle rereleases). (New) Style Boutique seems to be the only one, and that's OK. Battlezone, ST Elite Force, XC2 etc. are missing the expansions, ...


My favourite flavour for crisps: mustard, ketchup, cucumber relish and onion flavour. (Weird -- the bag says "chips" but also "flavour".)


I hadn't realized Core Design created also Rick Dangerous.


#MyFirstQPost I have no idea how that turned out. I also found qpost with what was probably my finest hour: If toon Link couldn't ride on Epona, could he ride on Epony? It's all been downhill since...


Lidl had 15€ Lidl-branded shoes for sale today for a few minutes before being sold out. Physical distancing? Hah! Some pairs are now available for 30+€ on an online auction site. (Self-censoring a bad joke referencing 6-word microfiction here.)


LM2 sure is teaching me to "save often". Took me a handgun and several tries to defeat the nine-tail, and when I was leaving, Lumisa died in a crusher trap. And that's not even the first time that happened in that area. Still, my favourite "metroidvania".


Quick take: "Fobia" on Switch is a poor short discount imitation of games that are far too superior to be named in the same sentence with it. Most of your time is spent pressing right and being angry at the poor platforming. Reviews seem to agree. Avoid.


So this started working on Win10, too. Crud.


I'd love to see metroidvanias without any bossfights, and with the progress mostly gated by tight platforming and with puzzles like the first halves of La Mulana 1 (pre-Gate of Illusion) and 2 (pre-where-RiffRaff-is-stuck).


I shouldn't have got this far with this on Win10. But at least starting the missions and the tutorials crash the game so I can't play it. Yay! EDIT: NOO! I got it to work, and I don't even like RTS games :(


I'm not terribly far into La Mulana 2 yet (only two guardians down), but I love how caltrops are now actually very useful in sub-boss fights. (Had to check a guide on how to get the glove... I was stupid.) LM1 can wait for now.


I tried to write a blog on games I wish I could like (games that do something very interesting, but fail badly enough on other fronts), but couldn't come up with more than three titles (from years 1985, 1988 and 2000). Eh, maybe that's enough.


I hear John H. Conway has passed away, apparently due to COVID-19. He was possibly the first mathematician I heard of (even before Pythagoras) due to his "Game of Life" (cellular automaton). "Monstrous moonshine", though, I'll stick far and away from.


Knowing that an Eulerian path in a graph with two nodes of odd degrees has to begin and end with those nodes takes away nearly all effort/feeling of success of solving them in puzzle games (incl. hidden object games).


I think I've come stuck in La Mulana. To look at a walkthrough or not, that is a question. Well, look at it more (found mirai and mekuri with it, and looked at tips for Zu and Thunderbird...) I'm already disappointed in myself.


My copy of Wingspan arrived, and inside was a 30% discount code for Steam version of the game. A bit like how I understand the first Civilization came with a discount for Avalon Hill's boardgame of same name, but for a very different reason.


I imagine Nemesis the Warlock is another game that wouldn't work in 3D. Having to stack enemy bodies to reach higher levels or bridge a chasm would be too much work even in Serious Sam.


With this much talk about turnips, I'm morbidly curious what turnip futures would be like. Because those worked so well with tulips in 1637.


Finally about the same place in La Mulana 1 as I was on Steam. Still hating Bahamut and Ellmac, but I'm reserving greater hatred for the enemies I have yet to meet. And the feather-launching white thing. And the stone-throwing red devil in the lava caves.


Of the Runner games, I prefer the first... but didn't turn down heavily discounted Runner 3 on eShop.


Panzer Dragoon Remake got the other soundtrack now. Menu screen still says v1.0 and the game details on the OS side say 1.2...


If money hasn't been a constraint, I wonder how much the books/games stuck in the backlog tell of the reader/gamer you'd want to be but are not. You can lead a horse to water but not make him drink, after all.


Me: I don't have enough shelf space for games in original packaging. Also me: Image below. Stupid is as stupid does.


If people here wrote fanfiction, Isabelle would've gained a new backstory yesterday.


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