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A Luigi Fanatic: I usually prefer the 50Hz versions of games I played in 50Hz in the 1990s; even the music may sound weird in 60Hz. But then again, I'm a freaky weirdo. Maybe it's about remembering the old days.


Not sure it's a good thing I can't think of any movie, game, book, TV series, food, activity or music that I could call "my favourite" that I enjoy.


Hand-made licorice sans colourings, but I messed up the measurements with sugar and didn't add enough flour to make the bits not stick to each other.


I may have wasted too many years in a row without Touhou eurobeat.


I love the crust of pizza (no tomatoes or cheese, so it wins the center part by default), so I want to learn to make a good pizza without any toppings or sauce (beyond maybe some seasoned oil spread over the middle). Does this already have its own name?


I had no idea Liero (for MS-DOS) had been remade, and people play it. Too bad the levels in this video don't have much destructible terrain.


I didn't play much of Die by the Sword (Treyarch/Tantrum, 1998) and Skyward Sword (Nintendo, 2011) is a 3D Zelda game so I'm not interested in it, but I am curious how the swordplay between the two compares and which one does it better.


I just managed to defeat the warlock of Firetop Mountain for the first time. Given how much I like its puzzle-like combat, trying out Into the Breach is an idea.


I got no clue how similar the Warlock of Firetop Mountain I'm playing on Switch is the same Jim Sterling reviewed in 2009 and gave it 4/10, but so far I'm really liking the newer game outside the load times.


The submission deadline for MSXdev'20 has ended, with apparently total of 21 entries. One of them is by a 10-year-old whose father taught her MSX-BASIC and then encouraged her to write a game with what she'd learned :) (Not the one in the video below.)


I know some people here liked Valdis Story a fair bit, so maybe they (Jinx 01?) are interested in the devs' next game Fae Tactics having a release date set to 2020-07-31.


Today: found two 500g common breams in the net, then foraged a basket of chantarelles, boletes and some wood hedgehogs while others collected 12+ litres of bilberries. And with that, my summer vacation is over.


Omen Exitio: Plague is so far much better than I thought. A fair bit of reading, but I'm fine with that.


Tiny review for Elea - Paradigm Shift (Switch): Avoid. Has fail states, met especially when the game refuses to register running or the QTE button press in the sole action scene. Sluggish movement, yet over before you know it. Same for the narrative.


I'm putting away my Switch, 3DS and Wii U for months/years. Any suggestions about in which battery state I should leave them and their controllers?


Done with cloudberries (6kg is enough for the immediate family for a few years), next up penny buns and chantarelles. I love everyman's rights especially now.


If a game is widely available in physical form, I've noticed I probably won't like it and should skip it altogether (fits at least on Switch). Yet, I don't game on PC at all... maybe the same applies to digital games as well.


The great fairy, sometimes forgotten in the rankings...


I don't pretend to understand any of this, but watching and listening to it is definitely in the top-10 things I've ever gained from watching Best of the Worst (beside things like the "what" collage of Ryan's Babe). For once, I feel content.


I really like Relevo's Snowboarding. Almost like Konami returned to making MSX games after 1990.


I suppose I can contribute to the Atlustoid as well... Trauma Team in Europe please?


That's Xenoblade X beaten again. If a sequel was set on Mira, where'd the exploration be? As for the ending... "ignoramus et ignorabimus" works fine for me.


That's three more MSXdev 2020 entries this weekend, and I'm pretty sure Relevo's Snowboarding (which sounds like a Konami MSX title) will rank very high in the end results. (Having played the new entries, I now expect my game to rank second-last.)


Looked at FUN 2020 papers (obvs. postponed beyond 2020). Some intriguing article titles: "Magic: the Gathering is Turing Complete", "Tatamibari is NP-complete" and "Hyperbolic Minesweeper is in P" (because Minesweeper is NP-complete).


Mario 3D World and Octopus Garden. Not sure if someone has already posted this on the site?


From a Youtuber I follow regularly: a test how real-life pinball tricks work (or not) in Epic Pinball. Curious if they work better in more modern pinball video games...


Leisurely (1kg/2h) picking cloudberries in the swamp may be an acquired taste in hobbies (10€/kg worth if sold, 19€/kg if bought). Next time I won't forget to bring a bottle of water with me. Plus I've finally learned to ignore the flies and mosquitos


MSXdev'20 has got three new entries in July... one with cat falling down with an umbrella dodging birds, one with a cat eating all food in the maze and then pooping, and one shmup with procedurally generated levels (also my favourite to win for now).


Remember the xkcd strip 606 ("Cutting Edge")? About playing games 5 years after their release? That's a bit how I feel watching this video.


Game idea: The world revolves around your eye, and your optic nerve is finally on the brink of tearing. Do you stop the world from spinning so that you can still see, or...?


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