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With this much talk about turnips, I'm morbidly curious what turnip futures would be like. Because those worked so well with tulips in 1637.


Finally about the same place in La Mulana 1 as I was on Steam. Still hating Bahamut and Ellmac, but I'm reserving greater hatred for the enemies I have yet to meet. And the feather-launching white thing. And the stone-throwing red devil in the lava caves.


Of the Runner games, I prefer the first... but didn't turn down heavily discounted Runner 3 on eShop.


Panzer Dragoon Remake got the other soundtrack now. Menu screen still says v1.0 and the game details on the OS side say 1.2...


If money hasn't been a constraint, I wonder how much the books/games stuck in the backlog tell of the reader/gamer you'd want to be but are not. You can lead a horse to water but not make him drink, after all.


Me: I don't have enough shelf space for games in original packaging. Also me: Image below. Stupid is as stupid does.


If people here wrote fanfiction, Isabelle would've gained a new backstory yesterday.


I played a few games of patience I learned from my parents or gramps, because classics deserve being called Classics. No clue what it's called, but similar to Klondike. Disappointment: realizing how much less player agency there is compared to Klondike.


Today, I've been mostly eating macaroni cassarole.


Finished PDRemake on normal, which is better than 20 years earlier when I never got past episode 4. Next, to finish the game without continues. Below, a coaster taking thankfully little space.


The US has Halloween for trick and treating; here the closest match is Palm Sunday. In 2020, though, I won't have the excuse of buying chocolate for the kids going door-to-door casting spells for health and when none show up, eating the chocolate myself.


Mekorama first impressions: lacks the charm of Captain Toad, and to move the robot, you click where to go rather than control the robot directly. It's got a level editor, but no way of sharing levels?


*reaches episode 4 in Panzer Dragoon* Oh, so I can hold the fire button down to fire homing lasers and not need to keep hammering B?


If you're into 8-bit retro gaming like me, the 8-Bit Annual 2018 and 2019 are now digitally free to download (they're 200+ page books). Download links at: https://eightbitmagazine.com/annual2019.php


The video's a story of the 2005 pandemic in WoW. I was going to write a blog based on a Lancet Infectious Diseases article on the topic, but this Extra Credits video seems to hit nearly all the points I thought of, so maybe not.


That's at least two eShop game questionnaire's I've answered this year. I like doing that; it's almost like writing a lightweight cblog without having to show it to the public.


I can't remember when was the previous time before today I got to Hangar in Contra w/o continues, codes or savestates. I can turn the game off happy now.


I tried baking pies last weekend. I really should learn to do the crusts like in traditional Karelian pasties rather than these "hotfixes". The filling is cabbage, brown sugar, oil, butter and marjoram. The crust is rye, wheat, water and salt.


I imagine this weekend would've been nice to spend with a solo boardgame I backed on Kickstarter (Unbroken), but for various reasons the delivery is now over a year late and counting (use BGG or Google for details; 22k comments on KS is too much to read).


I had already ordered a copy of Wingspan, and now it's getting a digital adaptation as well. Intriguing... especially if it comes out during the season of avoiding people (and if it has online multi).


Just finished Lapis X Labyrinth in 19h. Now why ever did I do that? Run, run, ooh shiny, mash buttons, ooh shiny, repeat.


I wouldn't be surprised if there were already Fallout mods that replace bottlecaps with toilet paper rolls.


Somehow Master of Magic (SimTex/MicroProse, 1994) has received 'DLC' (Caster of Magic) in 2020. A curious happening, but I'll pass. Sounds like a formerly free mod changed into paid DLC. Also: what kind of name is Civizard on PS1 (JP)?


So I booted up my Wii U. Too many (nearly) unplayed games there, too. Like Drill Dozer, Pocky and Rocky with Becky, DKC:TF, Pokemon Snap and two Zelda remasters(?). Might as well get back to Colour Splash.


I am not very surprised that people here in Finland started hoarding toilet paper and whatnot as well. (Remembering how they hoarded iodine pills after Fukushima.) Then again, I refilled my bog roll cupboard today as well, so I'm no different.


Somehow, Ski Sniper is a thing. "But why?" Somehow, it's coming also to Switch. "But why?" Anyway, giving this a pass because of several reasons why.


Not really liking Murder by Numbers (in case D now) over Picross E whatever on 3DS. The picross images aren't clear ("What's this supposed to be now?") and I'd like a quick option to restart the puzzle.


Even with PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini (what a mouthful) delayed, I managed to find something for me to buy & play in March. What do you mean didn't I already have it? Yes, but not the sequel and not physical.


This could be heaven or this could be hell; only after playing it will I tell. (Milkmaid of the Milky Way)


Plastic game cases don't count as packaging here, so I can't dispose of them in plastic recycling (what a limitation). In mixed waste they'd end up incinerated and adding more fossil carbon to the atmosphere. Not happy.


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