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Finished Obra Dinn in under 10h. I probably cheesed through too many names. A few thoughts closer to spoilers in the comments.


Related languages are sometimes strange. Estonian "maasika" means the strawberry ("mansikka" in Finnish), but in Finnish "maa" means "ground" and "sika" means "pig". Finnish "maasika" is no groundhog, though, but the aardvark.


Somehow, giant mechas with flammable oil made me think of an old Transformers comic. Probably "Man of Iron", which looked and felt very different from the other stories in the magazines. Thanks, Torchman.


On one hand, I'm happy and surprised that TheC64 Mini got a firmware update. On the other hand, I'm not surprised that my XBox360 controller still doesn't work with it.


Been thinking of collecting a bunch of video game trivia questions and then organizing a prizeless quiz for Dtoid Discord regulars. The latter part is the problem I don't know how to solve.


My take on Kemono Friends Picross: the puzzle images fail badly because the resolution of a puzzle is insufficient to display an identifiable face of a Friend.


Seriously thinking about writing a map generator for a metroidvanialike (I'd never make the actual game) and a blog about it, because that sounds to me way more fun than playing a metroidvania.


The last thing I think of when I fall asleep is work, the first thing I think of when I wake up is work. If this is love, I want nothing to do with it.


No Indy, you are the skeleton now. (Photo of "The Art of Point + Click Adventure Games", 2018)


Ben Daglish has passed away. Thank you for the music and rest in peace. (My source: Eurogamer.)


I'm having extraordinate amount of ambivalent feelings by not buying games. Much better than the typical definite regret.


Thought association: Slenderman + super crown => Hachishakusama => I should play Project Zero 5 again (Hachishakusama makes an appearance there).


Songs like this won't stay buried. By the way, is Twilight still a thing?


How many Fleggys does it take to change a lightbulb? One; it holds the bulb up and the universe rotates around it. (Adapted from Poltergeist: The Legacy.)


Somehow, spending time on a computer outside work or on a game console has become a negative experience to me for the first time in a very long time.


Bowsette made me think of H.C.Andersen's The Princess and the Pea: the shell is way bigger than a pea.


Was thinking of asking feedback on a game, but since I'm fed up with writing it and would probably ignore all constructive feedback, I'd better not.


I haven't stopped buying games for the sole reason that I might need to write about them. At least Rock'N Racing Off Road DX (Switch) was discounted, because I am not a fan of it at all. Based on the reviews it has got, few are.


So I wanted to look at the manual for SEGA AGES Thunder Force IV on Switch.


My cynicism is getting excessive. I keep wondering if the PS1 Classic will have an analogue controller (purchased separately), just like Switch Pro controller had a proper D-pad.


Sampled: Raspberry-ammonium chloride soda. The all-important question: Why is this a thing? (I've had worse, though.)


Having blog ideas and no compulsion to write them is not a bad feeling.


Got Old School Musical on Switch. Got to the point of credits rolling. Almost, but not quite feeling it.


The reward for keeping my PC up running four optimization processes in parallel for days to optimize the AI in a retro racing game? Having to dumb down the AI next, hopefully again by automation.


1) I had never heard the phrase "kit and kaboodle" until I heard of Konami's Kitten Kaboodle (1988) last week. 2) Anthropomorphic bunny at 32:48 because it's Wednesday.


How big a deal is the time trial mode in racing games? I've never seen the point in it myself.


Slowly but surely, it's shaping up... (roughly six weeks into the development).


Sometimes, I wish I had played Singles: Flirt Up Your Life (2003) or Singles 2: Triple Trouble (2005), to see what an apparently failed Sims-influenced game was like.


Moment of triumph: seeing compressed data reused as random numbers to produce randomness to maps. Moment of failure: seeing too many adjacent tiles flipped by this procedure.


Ten percent of my code statements are effectively GOTO statements (JP or DJNZ). Thankfully, I consider happiness an undesirable state to be in.


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