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After playing No Thing on Switch as much as I have, I've continued questioning my right to state my opinion on video games even further.


Wanted more Switch games? Well, here's Konami with something "new". Monkey's paw?


Yesterday, it felt like Just Dance 2019 "reveal" (because we all knew it was coming) got more applause than most of what EA had to show. (To actually rewatch EA's show to ascertain this or not, hmm.)


I remember when I was at the university and I was told how everyone in the audience wants the presented/lecturer to succeed. Now that I consider at the E3 shows... I'm not so sure that applies in this case.


GRIDD on Switch in short: Forgiving autoaim, but no homing laser. No continues, get an extra life by clearing the post-level challenge. Weird automatic camera. Arcade mode doesn't look (fully) proc.gen. Feels better than LFO so far.


I realized I want to be as far away as possible from live comment sections when Nintendo Direct is streamed... just in case it'll have Link's Awakening remastered.


NintendoLife says Konami will reveal at E3 an "action/adventure" and a "compilation" for Switch. I have too high hopes...


The Love Source quest in Xenoblade 2 DLC is something I wish already the base game had had in 2017. The time I wasted...


Need to give my pro-proc.gen. blog cook a bit more in the oven to find its red thread. To compare roguelikes/lites to free-to-play titles or not, that's something to investigate.


If I have succeeded in something, it only means I haven't failed yet.


... why am I more interested in Interstate 76 over Fallout 76? Being out of touch with the present isn't fun :( Where are the Langoliers?


One happy day, there will be no more tired jokes like this. Image from pie-dodging minigame in Go Vacation (Namco, 2011)


No, Monolith, this is not where you should copy Morrowind. (Blade redacted just in case she's considered a spoiler.)


Has there been a story-driven game (say, RPG) that lets you choose how long a game you want (10h, 20h, 40h, 60h) and then scales the amount of XP needed to level up etc. to get the game fit approximately that length?


I *know* I should be working on my retro game project instead of playing games, and for some reason I'm keeping up with Tesla vs Lovecraft, now with 800k score broken in survival mode. Why? Because I'm lazy and weak. Also, 700 qtoids posted.


Finished Tesla vs Lovecraft on three difficulties. I'm not a fan: there's no real feeling of growth in power/abilities in a single game, the menagerie is too limited, the powerups are unimaginative. The aether crystals + missions only prolong the misery.


I'm well set to do my MySims blog. Got MySims, Kingdom, Racing, Party, Agents, SkyHeroes on Wii and Kingdom, Racing, Kingdom, SkyHeroes, Agents on DS. Kingdom*2 on DS? I accidentally bought a second copy. Now I just need a few months for research.


What was the first platformer you ever played? Mine was likely Great Giana Sisters (C64), Bubble Bobble (PC) or Alley Cat (PC).


Doing Lawman's work... Tesla vs Lovecraft on Switch is a few euros off (12€ vs 15€) in Europe.


I need to play more of Go Vacation on Wii. And if they add support for two joycons per player in this minigame, I'm double-dipping.


E-mail subject: "Confirmation of unsubscription", contents "Hi, this e-mail has important information to you from [my ISP] in the attached PDF file." A free translation of most of the email my ISP sent me. It's legit, but you wouldn't believe it.


Winter, please come back, all is forgiven.


Not cat women for this Friday but Hulines. Image from Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (Westwood/Virgin, 1997).


I had no idea Wii U would again be this relevant in my gaming outside of recording Wii footage. I just need to check how well Just Dance Unlimited works on that.


Dumb luck is... first time blogging about a 55-year-old video game (Spacewar!) and a week later reading the news about it being introduced to the World Video Game Hall of Game.


Anyone feel like becoming a beta reader/peer reviewer for my blogs? At this rate, the edit change log at the end of my latest blog will become longer than the original blog itself.


Mmkay, I'm pretty sure Rogue Aces is my game of the month for the first four months of 2018. I've already spent over 35 hours with it and while it's finally getting a bit boring, I still haven't truly beaten the normal campaign yet.


How I think the new Blade in XC2 should've been coloured.


How many people here remember Zarch or Virus?


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