On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs

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The AI bug has been fixed, the AI trainer works... and the AI has become too good. Now I need to nerf it, ideally without just giving the player better gear.


Sometimes, it doesn't pay to fix the bugs in the AI. The previous smooth movement has now been replaced with shaking left and right. Unless there's a new bug my fix introduced. I need Skuld's mallet, presto.


I wish *I* could bless my two fondnesses, old games and procedural generation, together. However, I'm not yet on the level required for it... unlike some.


If I wrote a fledgling retrodev blog that possibly goes to fixed-point arithmetics and rudimentary physics modelling with equations etc., which week should I post it?


"If they jumped off the cliff, would you do the same?" I'm not proud of my answer.


I have already written most of the functionality of my retro game will have, and my biggest source of frustration so far is displaying the score board. Argh.


Ever spent a week doing something for a goal, only to realize that while the goal is perfectly reachable, you don't actually want to reach the goal? (I'm choosing not to participate in a retro game dev competition despite having my game coming up well.)


Is any plot better than no plot at all?


I am shocked that #viziertoid hasn't shown career advancement aspirations to become the sultan instead of the sultan.


I look forward to seeing how the new cblog recapping system works.


Today is the Monday I realized Jon in Garfield Minus Garfield is... me.


If this is what returning from a holiday back to work is like, I don't want to have holidays ever again.


Quick poll: Should I write blogs about old games, homebrew games from the past ten years or stop blogging about single games altogether?


The sound barrier is at 343 metres per second. The Dtoid barrier is at 69.


If you were an enemy or a monster in a game, what would you be?


In case people want to watch me play old games (Nocturne from 1999 by Terminal Reality is the one on schedule now), I'm streaming it typically at 9pm EEST (UTC+3) on weekdays this July. https://www.twitch.tv/dflegma


If I took the next step forward with my VG writing, what should that step be? (Image from Nocturne, a 1999 game I've been streaming on Twitch. There are two instadeath pits in the image.)


... if one of the reasons I can't start up Heavy Gear 2 on my PC is because my CD/DVD/BD-ROM drive doesn't have a headphone jack on the front... groan.


Step one, write a game and take a year and a half to add the final polish. Step two, upload it as freeware to a retro game site. Hopefully performing step two won't take another year and a half.


Please let me have written enough blogs for June + July -- I need to rest and do a lot else. Video: A game that I, for no good reason, bought years ago.


All of a sudden, I don't give a toss that Switch isn't getting new big-budget games I'd play. (Darius CC handled by M2, Ninja Warriors Again for Switch, ... source: NintendoLife)


Time to put my money where my mouth is and be prepared to pay circa 115 quid for Darius Cozmic Collection SE. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-02-a-legendary-shmup-series-is-coming-to-switch-early-next-year


Ever written a blog, tried to remember what the source for one bit of information was and then realize the likely source site went under over ten years ago?


If I wanted to make a potato cosplay GLaDOS, could I make a LED light up with just one potato? And if yes, how?


I really don't want to have to learn about CompuServe and AOL (those were on the other side of the pond), but they just. Keep. Popping. Up. In relation to the games I blog about.


Here's what SimCity Enhanced (Maxis/Interplay, 1993) looked like. 25 years ago might've as well been another world.


I intend to start following a new self-imposed rule: no installing/playing games where the real-world clock has a gameplay meaning. Which games generally considered good would I be missing out on?


Has it been said if Captain Toad on Switch doesn't need the Toad amiibo for the "find the 8-bit Toad" mode?


I stared at the abyss and it stared back at me. Then I stepped away from the mirror but the abyss stayed with me.


After playing No Thing on Switch as much as I have, I've continued questioning my right to state my opinion on video games even further.


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