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Between Maxs Gears

Marcus, now almost tearing through his anus with the tips of his fingers. Max felt as though he had seen this before, Goat "A"? Goat "B"? No no no no. definitely Goat C. Marcus squatting over Max. In his growly thick voice Marcus yelled "EM...


Crossing Max Scoville

Bob the cat was an interesting little critter, pink flowery dress and slick purple fur. Max had been running errands for Bob all morning, trading clothing with Jay and the other folk of the town to get Bob's yellow gameboy back. Max was pan...


Max Scoville Noir

The burnt embers of a fading memory lie below Maxs feat. The home was now but a shell of its former self. Max ran his had through his hair, not sure what to believe anymore. " I knew you would be back". Surprised Max looked around the room ...


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