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Wanna hear something weird? I backed Bloodstained enough to get a copy sent to me on release but I've actually never played a Castlevania game.


Alright so, serious guesses now. How much do we think this PS5 is gonna be when it drops? Who else has opened a savings account?


Shazam! was an alright film. Very fun for what it was but I really felt like it dragged on. I got to a point where I felt like I was no longer excited and just waiting for it to end. Overall fun flim though.


Kitana is hot, oh no. I don't want to end up buying another game for all the wrong reasons.


So I'm pretty sure my office thinks I'm gay and I don't know what I've done to cause this..


Hey, my desk is pretty nice now.


I need to build two kits by the 27th of this month to justify the purchase of those 2 new HG Zaku kits...


Local man has too much to do, still feels bored anyway.


Thinking of going Gamescom this year, worth it?


A local event I went to just posted this picture of me playing Tekken 3 on the PlayStation Classic. Check the faces behind. Dunno if entertained or disgusted 😂


I think I'm alright now.


So lads, how do you play PS2 on a Television without component inputs?


Soulbow sent me pictures of tits once


Every year my favourite hobby store sends out a "Closing Down Sale!" April Fools email. I should be used to it by now but it still gives me a mini heart attack...


I made a really awesome vegan stew last night. Leftovers tonight! No idea why, I just felt like trying something new. I did eat a plateful of Turkey rashers this morning to balance out the Omnivore scale, though.


My hair is getting far too long. Realistically my only two choices are to find some way of wearing it up or trimming it a bit. The idea of cutting my hair scares me and makes me want to cry so I'm googling hairstyles...


Haven't finished DMC5, haven't even started Sekiro. I had two days off work and I spent them in bed. Gotta pull myself out of this hole before I sink completely. Post waifus to send me energy.


That was alright I guess. State of Play looks like a cool little thing to look forward to every now and then.


I didn't order the steelboook edition buy I'm not complaining???


Got some nice new tools today. Fancy, durable metal files. But of course I spent the night doing something else other than gunpla...like dressing up my girl in her new Warrior glamour.


Electric toothbrushes. Sonic or rotary. Opinions on either?


Wasn't there meant to be some sort of Persona announcement soon?


What's all the noise about, Captain Marvel is a pretty good film. A bit slow at times but no worse than any other film. I mean, the Thor movies exist. We only have to worry when we get something worse than those.


Ah man. Wish I had me a Nico. Whew.


I've got 4 more hours at work. Please. I wanna go home. My devil trigger finger is itching. 😵😵


Ever feel like you're in need of advice but have no idea where to look for it? I feel kinda stuck but not really sure how to get myself unstuck. I need guidance. Someone, send me the manual!


I love how at the start of the year I was all about clearing my backlog and playing games and now I'm back to sitting in my chair and staring at my ceiling for 2 hours after work haha


0-2'd in tournament but at least I didn't get 3 stocked, hah!


Who tryna fight, let's rock.




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