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Who tryna fight, let's rock.




I'm being hit pretty hard this time, my body is weak and numb. I've been sent home twice in a week. If I don't make it, tell my mother the JAV blu-rays were bought as a joke and my sex toys were just tools to practice anatomy drawing.


The dream is to get this television before Sekiro so I can die in HD.


It's been a while since I was last in Eorzea, almost a year I think? Decided to log in and catch up a bit.


Quick! Your werewolf king is sick and needs YOUR HELP! My PayPal link is in the comments... Every dollar sent can buy one whole box of tissues! Donate more than $5 and I'll buy some paracetamol and orange juice! What are you waiting for?!


Looks like I get some sort of bonus pay next month. Maybe I should buy that TV. Hmm.


Arcana Heart?


I've never played FF9 and seeing it in the e-store made realise there's a lot of long time series that I love but have only played a few titles from. Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem are probably the best examples. Marathon sometime? Maybe.


Even when I stop listening to it... it keeps playing in my head. I've been possessed.


The direct was pretty hype for me, the year is looking good so far. Astral Chain, tho? That new Square game? I'm about it all.


French FFXIV player finds NPC with broken dialogue and (along with the help of dataminers) pretty much confirms another race to be added alongside Viera. https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/apynu8/so%20/


Ayy time to try Yaguuza. Lets see what the hype is about.


I wanna be nice about it but I can't really find a way to do so. Not impressed with Kingdom Hearts 3, at all. Don't think I've played a game where I was questioning if I was actually having fun since Star Ocean 5. I don't even want to talk on the endings.


Damn it, I actually downloaded Apex. FlanxLycanth if anyone wants to add me on Origin. Or if most are you are on PS4 it's Flanx17. I promised some peeps I'd play a game or two with them on there.


I've spent 4 hours just chilling out in my chair, I'm no good at doing anything unless I'm told to but I can't lie I've kinda enjoyed myself still


I cancelled my Sekiro collectors edition order among other things. I moved into my apartment 2 years ago and it looks pretty much the same. It's time I started using my money for more important things I think.


Want to learn a new skill this year, no idea what yet. I'm working on it. Still got 329 days.


Pokémon Battle Royale (with cheese) coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 128 - Fall 2019.


Almost froze to death last night. Ended up waking up at 5:30 pm today. Was feeling like death until about 9. Currently fighting off an insane craving for chips.


I need a new name.


I play through games so slowly, I probably wont be done with PS4 for years after the next console in the line comes out. Nice. :v


Female catering staff never wanna feed you. Any time a guy serves me, he fills my shit to the brim. Women always acting like they handing out rations or some shit. Give me my money's worth smh


Uh...I mean, sure. Can't really say no to that.


Wow I stayed up for a trailer with no gameplay I'm really excited for the same amount of information that I had before the trailer haha


Busy day with the brother today. Went to this little Smash meet up in a local bar then watched Dragonball Super Broly. It was a lot better than I was expecting tbh. Cinema was full and lively, always fun 🤠


Anthem is decent, it's not the best game ever but it's pretty fun doing these missions with friends. Though it's late now, I'll have to finish messing around tomorrow. Spent too long in the appearance menu. This is like version 57? Help.


Inexpensive HG kits to start 2019 because my backlog is big enough but I still need to satisfy my addiction. Yes, there are boxes in the back. Yes they are already built. One of them. *cough*


It's my favourite game...I can buy this wall scroll, right? I'm a grown ass man...It's my house damn it!


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