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Only 94 days until I'm on a plane to St. Lucia for our family holiday. My mother is super hyped, she hasn't left the country in about a decade. She wont stop talking about it, like a kid going to Disneyland. Can't tell if 50 or 5 lol


If you have a nintendy and your want to be a friendy do the thing coz dat me.


Happy Birthday Alpha2 (who should really be Alpha1 because he's older than me but still)!!!


Chicken Soup and 3 Cheese Bread. King's meals...all found in the reduced section of the super market. :v


Got to remember to remove any comments from a blog that gets front paged since the casual plebs don't seem to understand that you can make a comment against something without it being an attack against them. It's like speaking with zombies.


Just wanted to say hi. Hi.


A new smash, huh? Maybe I'll actually take it seriously for once. Very glad I waited on buying Okami HD too...


Monster Hunter made me lose my backlog fight. Sometimes I spend more time deciding what to play than actually playing games. I have about 6 games that I'm halfway through now. I need to lock away my wallet...


An angry spirit walks into my kitchen at night and punches my fruit bowl. It's the only way to explain why my bananas are always so busted. All they do is sit there... Why are they do abused?


4:30pm, I'm still awake, I still have energy, I can still feel my legs...THE SLEEP MUST BE WORKING.


It's always an interesting experience discovering what people really think about you, negative or positive.


Wearing my Monster Hunter hoodie to the gym again, some guy just came up to me gushing about his love for the series. Said he's waiting for the PC version of World. That was like a guild card handout irl lol.


There's one Morrigan Aensland Nurse figure left in stock. Do I buy it or pre-order the Bloodborne hunter figma instead?


Eating sensibly like a good lycanth boy should but craving pizza massively. This gif is a visual representation of the situation. Wolf = Me. Petting = the thought of melting cheese, chicken, red onions and jalepeño in my mouth.


My promise to myself is that I shall sleep for at least 7 hours every day of March. Falling asleep at work is going to get me in trouble.


My heart has been doing some crazy stuff lately. Feels like it's skipping beats then pumping really hard to make up for it. I should go for a check up but last time they said my heart was healthy sim I'm kinda... Meh. Gif unrelated.


Ohhhhhh honey roasted almonds waiting for me tonight


Facebook is great sometimes. Here's an image of 16 year old me. I thought I was "cool", can you believe that. Pretty sure I am wearing fake designer jeans too. Bought them in a market for £10. I like to think nobody knew. They probably did.


The best/worst message ever. The impulse buys are real, haha.


To my fellow weebs, how do you keep up with merch/figure releases? Do you just follow social media pages? I've missed out on so many pre-order periods and I'm slightly upset about it!


My desk at lunch, now with 300% more good games.


Went out to a friend's party today, thought it'd be interesting to hang out with people I didn't know too well, make new friends and such. Didn't work. Other people are weird. Don't wanna be around them. I left asap. I'll try again next year :v


I told y'all what I'd be wearing if I did go watch Black Panther, I wasn't lying 😂😂


You think I should go to the cinema alone? I have nobody to watch Black Panther with now.


Breath of the Wild is a lot of fun and very nice to look at. It's gonna get hard to leave my bed on weekends...


Didn't watch the film, night ruined by those I was meant to be going with. Think I'm done for tonight, not in the mood to do anything at all.




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she's so small and cute I can't deal with itttttttttttttttt


I'm going to see Black Panther on Friday, I'm so hyped. I'm gonna join in on the running meme and wear my dashiki to the cinema.


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