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SFIV Fight Pad Review

Well, I stopped into my local Game Crazy today to pick up my long awaited Street Fighter IV Ken fight pad for the 360. Seeing as the game comes out tomorrow and it'll be nearly unplayable with the 360's d-pad I was extremely excited for it....


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First off, I don't really care about Al Gore. For some reason I misread something at work one time and thought it said "Fits like Al Gore" instead of "Fits like a glove." Dumb, I know.

I'm 20 and attending college. When not doing homework or watching movies, I'm probably playing some form of videogame.

Anyway I grew up with all the classic systems thanks to my brother being an avid gamer. From the original Pong only standalone to the Sega CD. Games like Snatcher and Street Fighter II remind me of my childhood. The first game I ever beat was the original Mario Bros. on the NES when I was 3 years old. Ever since then I've owned virtually every console that has come out and don't forsee myself ever growing tired of my hobby.

In my opinion the 360's achievements are one of the best innovations in gaming for a long while. It adds a lot more re-playability to games then there ever was before. Gives you something to strive for. Thankfully, my days of gamerscore whoring it up with awful games are over with. I just can't sit through another bad kids movie game for easy points.

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