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My Expertise: Rockband

In the beginning....
I would like to think of myself as a musically inclined sort of guy. My parents forced me to take on an activity when I was younger, and after realizing that well, I just wasn't built for sports, I turned to music. I picked up the Piano (not literally) quite easily, and not to brag, but I was better than most of the other 7 year olds at the music lessons. I continued to practice like a good little boy, and when I started grade 10 I learned to play the guitar. Ive been doing that for about 4 years and playing music is relaxing to me, which leads me to do it more than simply to be better than others.

Wemenz...the final frontier
As we all know, since I know how to play an instrument, I am automatically a ladies man due to the fact that any douche bag that can pick up a instrument and play "Wonderwall" is automatically hailed by the womenz gender because he is a lover not a fighter.

Oh, so you can play Devil Went Down to Georgia right?
You know the stereotype that if you play a musical instrument very well, then you MUST be a master at Rockband. I would like to clarify that this is not always true. Just because you have a well founded knowledge in musical theory and ability to play the sweetest sounding chords and the most beautiful guitar licks does not make it necessary to be able to play Through the Fire and Flames on Expert. The ability does not transfer over. So next time you're harassing your buddy because he can play the electric guitar but not the Xbox 360 guitar, why don't you go ahead and pick up a real one and try it out. I don't want to say that having a background in music doesn't help you at all with Rockband, because well it obviously does (i.e. timing, and rhythm). I'm simply trying so state that it doesn't make you a master.

So what difficulty do you play on?
I enjoy playing Rockband and I seem to be quite good at it actually, nothing really beats your friend's reaction as he/she watches you fly through Green Grass and High Tides on expert. Or the reaction you get when someone asks you, "So what difficulty do you play on?" and you respond, "There are others besides Expert?" There are two things I'm good at, playing Rockband and chewing gum, and I'm all out of gum.
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About Fifty Fiveone of us since 8:09 PM on 07.22.2009

What kind of games do I play?
I enjoy playing RPGs the most, including MMOs. I do enjoy shooters as well. This doesn't stop me from enjoying a good racing game, or RTS though.

Some of my favorites would have to be Oblivion, Gears of War, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess.

How did I get into gaming?
To be honest I cant really remember. Video games have been in my life for quite some time now, I suppose the oldest example that I can remember is my Gameboy. Ive had it for a very long time, as it was a gift for my birthdays when I was a wee lad. When my family got its first computer, I do remember having an unhealthy addiction to a Wheel of Fortune game. I am not proud of this. It was back when, you know, you used that paper with the holes in it for your printer. The next console I received was The Nintendo 64, and after this it just seemed as though the consoles kept rolling in one after another.
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