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Spore release date? Sort of..

Totalspore mentions an oficial release date for the much anticipated real-turned-vaporware-turned-real evolution sim Spore. Amazon does indeed list the title as a preorder, with a release date set in March 2008. Play.com also indicates Mar...



....because there's more to life than writing long winded, serious posts. (the embeding doesn't seem to work for me, so, grab the link here instead...)


Racism and Gamers.. Overreacting much?

MaxVest made a point in his cblog about racism in the gaming community.. This, along with another cblog incident (A Mexican user getting pissy at dtoid and an ensuing flood of childish "racist, only funny" idiocy) just a few days ago, led ...



..well, you see, it cannot be escaped. No, not really. Looking back, I guess it was just natural that I ended up here.. Yes, all the dots connect in my mind, slowly but steadily, forming a big square shape with two ominous circles gazing ...


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