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You Should Try: TITAN SOULS


This is the first entry in what I hope will be a regular series in which I shed light on games many may not have heard of. This first piece will be a relatively short one as it is on a similarly short game. Hopefully these will get meatier as I make my way through more obscure games. If you know of any great, not particularly well known titles, from any era of gaming, then by all means let me know.

Titan Souls is the name of two projects that occupy a single idea. Currently it is being developed as a full game by developer Acid Nerve to be published by Devolver Digital. In its original form, however, Titan Souls is a brief yet brilliant result of last year's Ludum Dare game jam. It was developed by three guys over the course of three days, led only by the theme: “You only get one.”

The concept of Titan Souls is that you are an unnamed protagonist who must kill four dangerous bosses. The first three of these “titans” can be killed in any order, but the final will be locked off until you've dealt with the original three. The theme of only getting one applies to more than one facet of this experience, it applies in three ways in fact. You only get one arrow as a weapon, you only get one “health point”, and bosses only require one hit to their weak spot to be defeated.

This is a game that is elegant in its simplicity. You only have two action buttons to make use of while using the arrow keys to move your character around. Your first button allows you to roll, obviously something that will be important to your titan slaying career. The second button is held down and released to draw and fire your single arrow that you'll be using to take down the bosses. After firing your single arrow, it slows to a stop and upon holding the arrow button down again it will slowly begin to return to you.

This will not be a long experience, even if you struggle to get the hang of the game at first. As it was made in such a short time you can hardly hold it against them. I am hesitant to say that the game doesn't have a story, because a game with such an excellent atmosphere and an especially good ending surely has at least a basic story behind it, even if that story exists only in its creator's head. Its visual style is not complex but the pixel art is very well done and its music is excellent at setting the mood.

As I mentioned earlier, Titan Souls is currently being developed as a fully fleshed game (by the original three creators no less) to be released on at least the PS4 and PS Vita, I'm not entirely sure about their plans for other platforms. The full release will have more bosses, a better engine running it, and an overall level of polish that comes with having a reasonable amount of time to create a game. The creators are obviously very passionate about this project and I can't help but be excited about getting my hands on the final product when it comes out early 2015.

If you'd like to check out the original game jam version of Titan Souls you can go to the Ludum Dare page by clicking HERE. It can be downloaded or played in your browser. If you'd like to learn more about Acid Nerve then you can check them out HERE where you can get links to their twitters, facebook, etc. You can also get a sneak peak at a couple of early screenshots and audio tracks from the upcoming release there. Give the game jam version a shot and I'm sure you'll be as interested in the full release as I am. If this is what these guys are capable of with only 72 hours of development time, then I can't wait to see what they can do with all the time they need.
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