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Video Games As More Than Gameplay


Now I'm not here to try and tell you that you should start liking games for different reasons, I just want to show you the importance of variety. The way that you weigh the different factors that make a video game against each other is entirely up to you. No one can rightly tell you that you're wrong for liking a game for its graphics even though the gameplay is mediocre, and no one can tell you that you're wrong for liking a game for its gameplay even if the story is terrible. You should enjoy the games that you enjoy. Never let someone else's opinion of a game make you feel like you shouldn't enjoy it.

Just appreciate the fact that others play games for different reasons than you and have different tastes. I personally have never seen the huge draw that Uncharted has. I dislike the �fight off 15 guys, move 5 feet, fight off 15 more guys� type of gameplay in a game that's supposedly about a treasure hunter / explorer, and I really hate the �we don't believe in anything supernatural even though every game we fight off supernatural things� trope and the fact that they constantly break up the male and female leads so they can redo the same love story every game, but to each their own. The fact that there are so many different games for people of so many different tastes is one of the biggest strengths of the video game medium. If you take anything from this piece then take this: variety is indeed the spice of life, and that absolutely applies to video games.
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