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Just recently (finally) updated my profile pic, but sure, have the full thing for #selfietoid


Decided to trade some stuff in and jump on the Nioh 2 train. Time to kill some demons and parry and/or kick some historical figures.


I've been playing far too much Hades with the new update, but it's so damn good. Even started getting full clears with weapons I don't normally use. Probably my favorite roguelite right now.


That feeling when you think "I'll just try one more run of RoR2 before I hop off" and end up in a near 60 minute solo Merc run where you're just shredding everything and near infinitely teleporting through enemies. Damn that was fun!


Sekiro definitely takes a bit of time to get in the right mindset for, but once you do it's a damn fun time. Just finished NG+ and had even more fun playing through it knowing how to approach everything, even with the higher enemy damage/health.


Just finished Devil May Cry 5 and holy shit it was so good. I love it. V was surprisingly fun, Nero's a blast as before, and Dante gets some great tools. Also felt really good showing off on Mission 19 with Royal Guard. 9727 Style Points ain't bad!


Wasn't sure on Anthem at first, as the first mission in the demo is pretty meh, but once I continued and got the hang of the mobility and got new weapons and powers it really became fun. Then I unlocked Storm and I was sold.


Just popped the RE2 platinum. That was a hell of a game. Not often you can replay a game that much in such a short span of time and still enjoy it.


Haven't picked up KH3 yet, but I've been enjoying the hell out of RE2 Remake. Decided to try for the plat like I did with RE7, so after finally working through 4th Survivor I started on the S ranks.


Wrapped up the RDR2 story tonight and I loved it. It was a great story full of fascinating characters and damn is there a lot there to play through. Arthur's handwritten journal and the gang's little interactions all add a great sense of depth.


Finished off AC Odyssey and thoroughly enjoyed it. The pacing got a bit weird in a couple places, but it was a great adventure through a gorgeous world with really fun gameplay. Good times.


Enjoying the hell out of Odyssey so far. I've played a fair bit already and it's fantastic. It's also quite pretty.


Played Timespinner. Really solid little metroidvania. Heavily inspired by SotN, but not to the extent where it holds itself back trying to copy it. A bit on the short side, and I'd have liked a bit more exploration, but still great. Fantastic music too.


I'm over 40 hours into DQXI and I've gotta say, it's delightful. Just the right mix of classic feel and smart streamlining. Same solid battle system but with rad character builds and a party that all gains XP together and can be swapped around mid-combat.


Is there a dungeon crawler that combines the interesting, puzzle-filled dungeons of Legend of Grimrock 2 with actual interesting, fun combat? In my experience JRPG dungeon crawlers end up just being in mazes, but with aesthetics.


My favorite part of Kingdom Hearts 2 is when you go to the Lion King world and Sora offers to help the lionesses stop Scar and they turn him down because whoever does will be the next king and they'd literally rather starve to death than it be Sora.


Apparently it's #selfietoid again, so I'll jump on board since I've been working at the diet and exercise and am feeling a lot more confident these days.


While everyone's going at their Randomized Pokemon Nuzlocke runs, I finally went back and finished up Ultra Sun. Not my favorite gen, but I like that they tried to shake things up and try new stuff. Also caught my first shiny ever. Only took 20 years.


I finally got around to playing Killer is Dead and man, what a weird fuckin' game. It feels so confused about itself. The first two missions feel like the start to a super intriguing future noir sort of deal, and then it just goes nuts for a few hours.


And there's the credits for Monster Hunter World. Hot damn, what a game. So fuckin' good.


My palico and I have reached the pinnacle.


Monster Hunter World has no right being as fun as it is, or having as much to do as it does. I just keep on playing and even 40 hours in the game just keeps on giving me more reasons to do so. And I've not even delved into all the weapons or anything!


I am fucking loving MHW. Been taking my time with it, doing all the optional shit along the way, and it's just so much fun. Even just running around in expeditions and exploring the areas is rad.


So I finished Iconoclasts last night and that was fucking excellent. Such a good game. Now I've got Monster Hunter preloading on the PS4 and will probably hunt my way right through my B-day on Saturday. Here's to a chill weekend.


Been playing a fair bit of SFV, learning how to play Akuma, and having a surprisingly good time doing so. Ran some matches with a friend, even delved into the online a bit. Good stuff.


Well, all done with the SFV FM grind, so decided to jump back into online and man, am I out of practice. Kolin is a lot of fun though.


Been messing around in SFV, racking up the fight money before the changes come in, and discovered that the KO screen on Alex's EX air knee is rad as hell.


Well, finally got to play through Yakuza Kiwami, and while it was great to experience Y1 in HD, man do I have some mixed feelings about how they handled the remake. Majima Everywhere is hilarious, but how heavily it gates off Dragon style is dumb as hell.


That Monster Hunter World beta is damn fun. Gorgeous, fun to explore and hunt monster through, and all the weapons feel like they're worth playing around with. Definitely gonna have to jump back into 4U when the beta ends.


Good to see Capcom stepping up all around. Excited to jump back into SFV with all the people that are gonna be starting it up or returning to it for the Arcade Edition.


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