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Female Rocket Grunt's: Magical Sparkly Rainbow Blog.

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ia m a very drunk rite now t he people of the destrocutosid i want to tell the world about how im gonna save the world with sooopepppppeeerr awesomes skills and also about osme of my facotre games which i would neber tell you about if i w...


About FemaleRocketGruntone of us since 6:37 PM on 07.20.2009

Name: FemaleRocketGrunt.
Sex: Female. Duh.
Location: London, England.
Class: Party Animal/Wild Child/Geek
Occupation: Being a bad enough dude to save Obama.
Yay: Morning Cigarette
Nay: Morning Alarm Clock

FaveGenres: RPG, Stratagy, Life Sim.
FaveGames: Pokémon Gold, Pheonix Wright, Animal Crossing: Wild World.
FaveConsoles: Game Boy Color, Playstation, Nintendo DS, SNES.
FaveDrink: Just any alcohol in general, I'll drink it.
FaveFood: Potato Bread.