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Lego Batman: wii

Hello Destructoid members, Well Yesterday was my sons 7th birthday and my wife and i got him a WII. he Enjoys it a lot played all night with me. We got him lego batman, Wii sports of course and Super Smash Brothers But I think lego batman w...


PS3 it is!!

For the past month I've been struggling with my PS3. This red like kept blinking every once in a while. I consulted a friend who has a 360 but is a genius. He said he had no idea whats going on. I looked online and some people said it does ...


New 2 D-Toid

hello gaming world i was playing PS3 online and a buddy of mine said i should get a Destructoid Account. So far ive been looking and people take this to an Extreme some of you should take Journalism but any ways i promise not to be an EPIC ...


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