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Fallout's fan film "Red Star" is fantastic.


This fan film of Fallout is fantastic.

Besides movies and TV series, I really enjoy video games as a mean of entertaining myself. While others might dismiss it as a form of media that should not be taken artistically and seriously, I see it as the holy grail of immersive experience. Don't get me wrong, I love movies and TV series and they can be really immersive. But both of them approach it in a different way.

For the sake of comparison, when i said video games, I mean video games like Bioshock or Beyond Good and Evil aka "You know what I mean video games". I can't imagine anyone would be so "disconnected" to think that I would start talking about Tetris here.

Ummmm, maybe not.

For example, a movie or an episode of a TV series requires nothing but your attention. You have a bag of chips in your hand and you gobble it down as you watch the antagonist reveals his trump card and completely putting any of the protagonist attempts of defeating her or him to a halt. While in video games, it requires your interactions and your dedications. Some, even requires time. You are the protagonist. And in some game, you are the antagonist.

I meant what I said about it being the "holy grail" of immersive experience. I don't want to start giving history or fairy tales lessons here. And also, I would like to assume everyone that actually care to read this article are intellectual individuals. But just think about it for a moment. What does immersive experience in a video game have in common with the holy grail?


What I have said/written(plus extremely summarized) here, is what have been said/written by other people that are more intellectual and more qualified than me(e.g. Roger Ebert, Doug Walker, Anthony Burch, etc). I just want to let it off my chest. Now, back to the what I REALLY want to say.

This fan film of Fallout is fantastic

It sets a brilliant example of what fan film has become; Taking the source material seriously with detail. Although the fan series Nuka Break is great, Red Star exceeds it by leaps and bounds.

And what we have here is a deep, emotional, visually engaging story in a post-apocalyptic world. It may not be for everybody, but it is certainly a treat for the fans of the game series.

Watch it here:

p.s. I mean seriously, how many fan films have you seen a woman holding a jar of bottle caps dropping a line like "This is all that I have?" without it breaking into a comedy?
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