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About Federico Sgammaone of us since 5:21 AM on 05.24.2011

Uhm...a lazy,bored-of-italy-and-all-that's-inside-of-it nineteen years old guy...yep,i despise this country,the soccer,the politics,the way of living (which revolves around things like going to horrible places called discothèque (oh yes,we are so stuck in the past that we don't even know what a club is) or playing soccer while talking about the sunday games and how much cool our favorite soccer player is)

luckily,besides my alienation from common,idiot and close minded people,i've got my few interests in things like music,games,movies,dark and cynical humor,photograpy and so and so on.....

while the kids on the block grew up on retarded italian cartoon i watched cartoon network on satellite (oh,the ol' good times) feeding on nice cartoons of the 90's like biker mice from mars and mighty max,just to name two awesome things that i'll always carry into my nostalgic memories.
the "gaming carreer" started with a SNES (Thank you yoshi's island,thank you for the massive immagination you gave me,with all that awesome pastel colours and the easy-to-whistle tunes) which evolved into a N64 (i've played almost all the stuff that it could offer,except for conker's bad fur day,which i played later at a friend's house)
later i focused on sony's first playstation (thank you kojima-san for MGS) then PS2....(Still...thank you kojima-san) suddendly i felt something was missing from the whole picture...so i bought a nintendo gamecube...(without doubt the best console of the last generation...metroid prime? SSB melee? TLOZ Wind Waker? Eternal Darkness? Pikmin? Resident evil zero and resident evil rebirth? only one word to describe that little piece of cubical plastic: Supreme)

now i'm just playing some retro stuff that i couldn't play at the time,like chrono trigger...and stuff...i'm not very much into the actual gen playing...games are commercial,too fucking commercial,exclusive dlc here,exclusive suit there....i don't need any of this shit,i just want a truly work of art...as it used to be..