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Guild Wars 2 - PAX Demo Impressions

After trying out the demo twice over the course of PAX weekend- once as a Human(levels 1-10) and then as a Charr (level 45ish) - I'm confident in saying that GW2 is fulfilling a lot of the hype that ArenaNet's fantastic blog has created. ...


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Me: So I'm a 22 year old college student with less then a year left before I must attempt to make my way through the world solo. For all of you into boring details, I go to UC Irvine down in the OC (don't call it that). Oh and hi; I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you!

So on to the more interesting stuff! I'm an officer for my school's Video Game Development Club, and unlike most school's I've seen, we actually make games (like this one were you get to blow up everything as a pissed off God!). Oh and we get to drink with a bunch of Blizzard, Obsidian, and EA people every Wednesday night at a local pub!

I also work part time for Ubisoft, helping them run their College Representative program. Basically I try to get 40 college students across the US to pay attention, turn stuff in on time, and hold awesome launch parties. Yeah, it's a uphill battle. But it does mean I get to spend my entire Summer in San Francisco!


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