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About Faustone of us since 8:45 AM on 10.05.2009

Gaming Facts about me:
- Been playing since I was 3
- Doom was my 1st love
- I have numerous video game character heroes (I'll list them at some other time)
- Prefer PC to Consoles (I'll play consoles at a friend's house or the demos at a store, but that's it. The reason why I prefer PC to consoles can be summed up in a quote my father once said: "It's pointless to have a console when you already have a PC.")
- Despises WoW (Only because you have to pay for it. Guild Wars rocks!)
- Advocate for gamer rights (Power to the Gamer!)
- Hates movie tie-in games (Except for the King Kong game. That was actually good.)
- Despises most game companies (Nintendo of America & Activision most often come to mind)