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Is the Wii is not a real gaming console, end of story.


The confusion about 'real' and 'fake' gaming consoles arises because of the differences in usage between hardcore gamers and mothers. Scientifically speaking, the Wii is definitely not a real platform for gaming. True consoles are developed from the graphics of the processing power, and contain the processing power of the graphics (though bricked forms may be graphicless). Xbox360 and Playstation 3 are real gaming consoles, and so are many kinds of mobile phones. Some computers have a hardcore part which supports the fanboys and is also called 'real gaming consoles', though many is not developed from the ovary of Bill Gates: the Mac is an example. As far as playing is concerned, some games which are strictly casual may be called 'hardcore' because they are used in competitive gaming. The Wii, though technically a gaming console, is often used as a casual system. Occasionally the term 'fake gaming console' may be used to refer to a part of a processor which does not have graphics, but which is used in retro gaming: virtual console, for example. So the Wii is not a real gaming console, used only by mothers.

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