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Destructoid has a last.fm group

I posted about our last.fm group some time ago in the forums, but so far we┬┤ve only 10 members, which is by far not enough. So feel free to join and start some discussions about music, videogame related stuff or just random things. Dest...


Rez clone for the psp

I quit the psp homebrew scene a long time ago. So finding out about Resonate while randomly checking out a psp page out of boredom was pure luck. Resonate is as mentioned in the title a clone of the psychadelic shooter Rez which was fir...


Velocity Micro gaming PC!

-Are you one of those guys that stopped keeping up with PC gaming because you've spent a fortune on consoles recently and can't afford to? Check -Are you dreading that upgrade down the line needed to play hardware-intensive games like Gi...


Mac or Pc?

As some of you maby know I┤m not a fan of hiphop/rap, but this video is pretty good. The video has two guys dressed like in the I┤m a mac, I┤m a pc ads who do a little rapp. However, it doesn┤t answer the question "mac or pc?" Well for m...


Is this living?

You all know the strange "This is living" adverts that make you think wtf? This uncut and very nsfw version isn┤t any different. Basically it┤s like going to bed after consuming several illegal substances and having a strange dream. While...


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