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C-Blog Fan Fiction: Dangerous Path

Hey guys. This is just a little experiment I want to do to practice for... something I want to start doing on the c-blogs in the future. For a while you guys might see some weird blogs from me. Just hang tight, feel free to tell me what you think. I promise I'll have a more solid contribution here, but I have to keep writing as practice. I feel like I'm sort of searching searching searching for something to do, and I've searched enough. Now I just want to do something neat. Again, hopefully this becomes a little more focused later on. Thanks!

Close to the horizon line I still saw the farm. The sun was setting and I still probably had a long walk ahead of me. In front of me was a long road, traveling to a mountain in the distance. My destination was the peak of that mountain. There, I would meet with the elders. They believed that I was the dragon-born.

I was somewhat ready for the night. Some creatures that roamed the hills would have attacked if they were hungry, or would defend themselves if you were close enough to them. I had my knife and some leather armor. I could have made a fire if I needed to. Normally when there was a fire it warded animals away. But in the case of giants or thieves I had to sleep with one eye open. Perhaps I shouldn't have slept at all.

As I walked, the road hypnotized me. The river that crashed on the rocks beside me made a sort of calming noise. The bushes and trees were beautiful even when the light grew dim. The water was calmer as I continued up the hill and it glistened with moonlight when the sun had fully set. I could hear the wolves howling in the distance. And even though they were a great distance away, I grabbed my knife so I could react in a moments notice.

Every step I took seemed to echo through the forested areas beside me, so I tried to step softly and avoid breaking twigs underfoot. I could not see my destination in front of me at the moment. Soon it would get so dark that I would have to stop for the night. My legs were twitching and I had traveled so far in one day that my body would hurt the next day.

I stopped next to one particularly steep hill where around the bend there was a wall of rock. Set up near the rock was an abandoned tent made of a few pieces of wood. I made a fire a few feet from where I laid my bed. It didn't look like it was going to rain that night. I sat on my bed made of animal pelts and propped myself up onto the rock. I squished a bug accidentally so I turned to the rock wall and swept all the bugs off until I was satisfied. Normally I would sit in the smoke of the fire to ward off little bugs, but I was exhausted. I was sure no one would mind me sleeping here. Of course, if they did, I would kill them. I had to have faith that my body would alert me to such things in the middle of the night.

What a great tragedy it would be if I was killed tonight by highwaymen. If some bandits killed me and ate my flesh, just for my dirty shoes and possibly to sell my knife at the town market. What if I was the dragon-born? Could a thieving scoundrel have the right to kill one such as me? I too often asked myself those questions. I wondered why I had always been told that I was a 'bright' person – destined for greatness. It has had the opposite effect on me. I no longer have a light in my life or have motivation to even climb this mountain. I don't know what possesses me to keep walking. Maybe I simultaneously have enough pride to go on with my life, but no positive emotions to back it up. Perhaps I have enough pride, but I am disgusted with the idea of having a destiny. I want to be special. And I don't want to have to work for it. As I lay here falling asleep on this rock with a blade in-hand, I not only grow tired – I grow bored.

In the night, there was a sound. The fire had died down and left only orange glowing pieces of wood. It was a dog. It was friendly and he walked up to me. I offered it a dried piece of meat from my satchel and it took the snack gently from my hand. The dog was not shy about curling up beside me near the rock face and taking a nap. It was startling to experience such random compassion from an animal. Seldom did I meet with a human being with such naive trust in me. It was something that I thought about often. An assassin could lie. He could say that he did not kill. But something always came to the surface. There was an aura about me. No one could prove anything. But they knew.

In the morning I gathered my things and the dog started trailing behind me as I walked. I had nothing against taking on a pet, so I let him continue. Every once in a while I would give him a treat, and he looked happy about it. I could have been a little troubled with this, but the dog seemed to follow me and wanted more than to just eat little treats. It nuzzled me and wanted to be pet on his little head. He would run off into the forest and come back from time to time. One of those times, he even brought with him a rabbit that I decided to cook, right there on the spot, so that we could share a meal.

There were bandits sitting around a watch tower up the hill, and I hadn't been careful enough to go around them. When they saw me they walked slowly towards me until they saw that I was going to run. They chased me and the dog down the hill. Every once in a while an arrow would zip past my ear. At the end of the hill where they were no longer pursuing I hid behind a tree. I gathered my thoughts and realized that there were a couple other ways up this hill if I crossed in front of a waterfall to the north.

The dog was no longer following me. I couldn't hear it walking around. I crept up the road a bit and found him lying dead in some bushes with a trail of blood behind it. I figured it had followed me down the hill but gave up. There were two arrows sticking out of him. His eyes were closed and I closed his mouth shut. His body was still warm. I felt around for a pulse. Yeah, there was no doubt. Nothing to do about it. And I was wrong. It was a female. I covered her with some branches.

A little sliver of emotion sparked within me. I cut my hand with the knife and I bled onto the pup. My fist clenched around the dagger and I prayed there, for a moment, to the lady – the night mother. She called to me and told me about the universe.

An arrow flicked past me and hit a nearby tree. I could hear their voices like I could see the light between the trees. Little bits of sound, back and forth. The leader was the one with the deep voice. He was the leader of the gang, so snide and proud of himself for killing an animal. They were talking about it. Some of them hooted like owls and wolves in an attempt to scare me. It was something I had become accustomed to.

I crouched down with the silence of death, disappearing into the shadows. I ran through the group hearing them panic. Where did he go? Some of them yelled. We'll find you! You can't hide forever! They said these things, but I knew better. Soon they would wish that I had stayed hidden, but only for a moment.

Of course, the leader of the pack was always in the rear – easy to spot. I raised up to meet him at eye level. His arms were crossed and his face was smug. And for the split second that he had to act, he uncrossed his arms to raise in front of him. I jabbed his neck with the edge of my hand, startling him enough to step backwards. My knife sliced across his midsection and caught his arm. He twirled around to curl up into a ball. He probably felt a great deal of fear when he realized he was messing with the Dark Brotherhood. The man must have felt like he was already dead.

Instead of letting him curl up, I wrapped my elbow under the pit of his good arm and held the back of his neck. I spun around towards his gang, making sure they all turned to see their leader get stabbed so far through the back that they could see my blade protruding from the other side. With the leverage I had from his neck I flayed him down into his guts and let them spill. Some of the more courageous bandits shot arrows at me but hit their leader, who was dead and nearly cut in two.

When I retreated to the shadows again I watched as some of the bandits feverishly hunted me. I was amused to see most of them had run away, pissing themselves. After slaying all but one of them, I approached the last man standing from behind saying, “Silence brother...” Before stabbing through his head and hitting his teeth.
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