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C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 7: Travelers

Good news everyone! I've started to update the old episodes so that people can catch up on things. Special thanks to the wonderful Kahla for doing the art.

They found Hugh beside the grave of Mr Andy Dixon. He lay there looking at the sky. His mind was processing information. And because of just how much information he was processing, he couldn’t move. Hugh could read objects with little or no consequence but reading living tissue was a different story. There was one thing he did figure out though. He had identified Mr Andy Dixon’s attacker.

“Just look for a red hooded sweatshirt. Can’t miss him…” Hugh managed to say.

“Alphadeus, please take Hugh somewhere safe. Take care of him. And don’t do any experiments on him without his consent.” James said.

“But… But…” Alphadeus whined.

“You heard me!” James stressed.

“What’s the plan then James?” Elsa said impatiently.

“We gather our things and leave North Bend.” James said. “We’ll try and pick up Miss Alice Dixon’s trail in Greenvale. I suspect now that people with special abilities are being targeted. I don’t quite know the motive yet. If we see anyone with any special abilities on the way, we might as well warn them of the possible threat. Alphadeus – catch up with us when Hugh wakes up. Don’t forget your weapons.”

“I know some women in Bright Falls with some special abilities.” Alphadeus said sarcastically.

“Ah, what a dick.” Elsa said. “You’re a fuckin’ dick, you know that?”

“Alright, enough flirting you two.” Beyamor said.

“Hah! I happen to be married.” Elsa laughed.

“Shit.” Beyamor said.


They couldn’t find James or Hugh in Greenvale so they sat and decided where to go next. Wolf suggested that Miss Alice Dixon return home and wait for the people she knew there to come home. She didn’t like the idea of going home. Not quite yet. The pain of losing the people she loved most was fresh on her mind, and she knew that the only things keeping her going were the travel and the adventure.

They found a decent sword in one of Greenvale’s abandoned shops.

“Maybe that’s why they were here.” Alice said. “They were trying to find out why there aren’t any people here. I wonder where they all went? Won’t there be looters?”

“Precisely m’lady.” Wolf stated. “We would be wise to leave this place.”

“Where will we go?” Miss Alice Dixon said.

“Well… Bright Falls is the only place nearby. The only thing closer is North Bend.” Wolf said.

“Bright Falls it is.” Miss Alice Dixon perked up. “Should we go now?”

“Yes m’lady.” Wolf said with a serene calm. “On the way I will teach you traditional sword exercises. When we’re done, you should be able to take care of yourself. But please don’t run off until we find your friends.”

“Thanks Wolf.” Miss Alice hugged Wolf’s armor.

“Oh?” Wolf said, startled. He then smiled underneath his helmet and patted her head. “Don’t worry m’lady, we’ll find them. No one will harm you.”

Wolf walked along making long strides towards Bright Falls. Miss Alice Dixon noticed how silent his walk was. He wore the armor perfectly and confidently. She wondered how heavy the armor really was, and how he could walk around wearing it all the time. “Didn’t it ever get squeaky?” She thought as she skipped along the broken asphalt.

They saw an old man in the distance. He carried a large staff. Wolf thought it was a weapon and walked in front of Miss Alice Dixon.

“Do you know him?” Miss Alice Dixon asked.

“No, he’s just a man – miserable little pile of secrets. Walk behind me.” Wolf commanded.

As they approached each other the old man seemed to stare at the both of them. He seemed intent on an encounter. And when they were close enough to each other, the man raised his staff and went into an attack position, without saying a word. His suit was made of corduroy.

“Stop there sinner!” Wolf said, unsheathing his sword. “Not another step.”

“TURTLE POWER!!!” The old main said – in an old man voice.

The corduroy turtle quickly whirled around his bow staff, smacked Wolf’s sword to the side, and was able to twist around again with the other end of the staff to smack Wolf in the chin strap attached to his helmet. Slightly stunned, Wolf held out his left hand to block and cut wide to decapitate the corduroy turtle, but the corduroy turtle’s head pulled tight and disappeared into his own body to dodge. Wolf missed and was slightly vulnerable to attack again, but the corduroy turtle decided to speak instead.

“You are NOT a beautiful and unique snowflake!” The corduroy turtle said.

“Have at you!” Wolf pulled back, ready to strike again.

“Aaaaagh!” Miss Alice Dixon screamed a battle cry.

“Wait!” Wolf cried.

She ran towards the old man with her sword flailing around her tiny body. The corduroy turtle shifted his attention to Miss Alice Dixon.

“I want to destroy something beautiful!” The corduroy turtle said.

“Ha!” Wolf exhaled as he swung his sword into the turtle’s back.

There was a clang as Wolf struck the turtle’s back. The vibration carried back up the sword and left Wolf shell-shocked. The old man in corduroy stalked Miss Alice Dixon and crouched like a tiger about to pounce. Miss Alice Dixon jumped high into the air. She surprised herself. Her body carried much farther into the air than she anticipated. The corduroy turtle jumped and whirled his bow around to attack, but missed her completely. She was much too high to hit. In an attempt to counter-attack she flew towards the turtle and struck him down with all her might.

The same shivering clang sounded off and Miss Alice Dixon was knocked back a few yards. She saw double until she shook her head and centered herself. Wolf looked on and was proud to see that his student had knocked her opponent prone.

“You guys are too much for an old man.” The corduroy turtle panted and wheezed as he coughed.

“Who are you?” Wolf said, holding his directly to his neck.

“Who am I?” The corduroy turtle said as he stood back up.

“Don’t make me kill you old man!” Wolf said, holding his blade precisely towards his jugular.

“My name is Corduroy Turtle! I am the most powerful chaotic evil that you have ever seen! Run! Run for your lives!” Corduroy Turtle said.

“Ah get outta here old man. You’re crazy!” Miss Alice Dixon said.

“Shall I dispatch him for you?” Wolf said.

“Thank you, but no.” Miss Alice Dixon said. “Whatever happens to us, I want him to live a long life alone with his cowardice.”

“Isn’t that a little cruel m’lady?” Wolf said with irony. “Where did you think up of a line like that?”

“It was in a movie Alphadeus showed me.” Miss Alice Dixon said.

“Fine, onward to Bright Falls then.” Wolf kicked the man’s weapon away.

They left him there to catch his breath and he raised his fist and shook it at them. Before too long Wolf and Miss Alice Dixon talked about what to expect when they got to Bright Falls.

“Ah yes! I know just the thing!” Wolf said.

“Really?” Miss Alice Dixon jumped up with big eyes.

“There’s a zoo! I’ll take you there. They even have an aquarium with sharks and dolphins and even a man that can talk to animals – you will simply adore it!” The big good Wolf said.

“HELL YEAH!!!” Miss Alice Dixon punched the air over her head.
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