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C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 3: Infiltration

There are a lot of people I want to introduce to the story, so here's another introduction of two characters. Unfortunately I didn't have my special someone to help me with art, so I did the best I could to do on my own. Enjoy!

Ninjas just want to have fun.

In the dead of night the forest ran behind her. She seemed to float in the sky as she leapt through the trees. The leaves wavered but didn’t make a sound. Landing on tree branches with every step, she gained momentum. The destination came closer. The opposition was waiting. But, they were no match for her.

The building was close and heavily populated with gang members. Their security almost certainly would have spotted her by now, but she knew they wouldn’t know how to handle her. These boys didn’t know how to handle a lady.

She dropped beside one of them and slit his throat. This one still went for his knife to strike her with the last of his strength, so she spun around and cut him in half diagonally. His guts spilled as his halves hit the ground.

Another person was alerted when the body fell and he ran to her while yelling, “She’s here! She’s here!” Voices shouting and footsteps scurrying around didn’t deter her. None of them would be able to touch her unless they had a gun. But gangs like this rarely had guns. “Still,” She thought, “I should be more careful.” Going head first into the lion’s den was her style, but she knew that it could get her into trouble someday.

Someone charging at her raised a knife to stab downwards at her, and she turned to run away. The man took off after her. He chased her around a corner and she stopped abruptly. He raised his knife to attack again. It took him a few seconds to realize he skewered himself on her sword. She turned around, twisting the sword into his chest. All he could think to do was grab at the sword to stop it from moving. His fingers grabbed. The sword twisted. His fingers bled and dropped off one by one - mangled.

The sword released him and came back around to decapitate him. His head made a squishy sound, bouncing on the ground like a rotten watermelon. Her foot came up to push the rest of his body over.

Out of the building’s front door another man jumped out and shot a few bullets at her, missing her and hitting the pavement. She ran behind a corner of the building waiting for him. He ran towards the corner of the building and poked the gun around. Even though he felt his finger pulling the trigger, he saw that his arm had been removed. He was shocked, but tried to move towards the gun to use with his other hand. He trembled and crawled towards it. She stuck her katana straight in his ear and felt him convulse for a moment. He slipped off the blade and shriveled up like a dead spider.

She took the gun, still attached to the severed hand, and checked the clip. The gun had six bullets including the one in the chamber. She reloaded the clip and pursued the front door. Two other men popped out of the door and she sliced them through their faces. They dropped their weapons, grabbed their eyes and their blood drained through their hands. They had grenades on them. “Did they expect to use these?” She thought. As they bled to death, she took the grenades.

There were shouts on the roof, telling other gang members where she was. So she pulled some pins and threw two live grenades up on the roof. The stone roof cracked and bodies flew. More blood along with bone and flesh scattered around the pavement below. She picked some bone chunks out of her hair and threw a couple grenades into the building. Still more screams and shouting. Someone blurted out, “Grenade!”. But it was too late.

People were now coming around the front corners of the building, trying to flank her. While she waited for the explosion, she gunned down most of the people coming around the side. Then the windows blew out. The glass, now dripping red, flew around and she covered her eyes. There was a dusty mist in the air as she entered the building.

Immediately she saw a route that went deeper into the lair. She ran towards it with as many as twenty people following her. She thought it was funny how they were all dressed in suits. As they ran after her she took out the last grenade. She pulled the pin and ran with it for a few seconds.

The man she was looking for was probably in there. She kicked the door open and slid the grenade behind her. Her pursuers fumbled with it and ducked for cover. It detonated and shook the whole room. She rested safely behind the wall. There were more people approaching her with weapons, but she knew she had come far enough. She had found him – Virgilio.

Who is Virgilio????

“Elsa,” Virgilio said looking around at his goons. “Would you kindly stop with the killing of my men that are going to stop trying to kill you because I’m telling them right now by the way?”

“Virgilio,” Elsa said. “You know why I’m here.”

“Well, yes, isn’t it obvious? You wanted to come in here with your sword katana blade cock and penetrate and dismember and fucking kill all my goons! Well congratulations, you’ve killed my goons.” Virgilio clapped slowly and loudly.

“Don’t be obtuse Virgilio. Tell me where he is and I won’t kill everyone in this building.” Elsa scowled.

“Oh, I’m being obtuse in your eyes that are looking at me right now, well I’m sorry but what you’ve done you’ve killed half my bloody men so I say that’s balls actually.” Virgilio said, pointing at her. “I’m not doing anything you say missy, miss assassin girl. And also, cocks. Why don’t you go suck one?”

Elsa walked towards him threatening him with her blade. Virgilio’s goons stepped in between them, but Virgilio stopped them.

“No, stop.” Virgilio directed them. “She’s not going to kill me… She can’t kill me.”

“I, don’t…” Elsa was compelled to lower her weapon against Virgilio. She wondered if it was just his voice, or something he said. Against all logic, he was very persuasive.

“I could kill you here if I wanted to.” Virgilio said. “I could have you. I have that power.”

Elsa started worrying. She was losing her composure. She had to focus. She was trying to find someone. “Don’t…” All she could manage to force out were slow broken sentences. She was compelled to be near him.

“Oh Elsa. Maybe I will tell you where he is. Maybe after you get back, you won’t be too old for me.” Virgilio said, thinking. “Second thought, I don’t think I want an assassin as a girlfriend. I’d have to be much more paranoid than I already am!”

“You’re a monster.” Elsa said.

“He told me he was going to pass through Greenvale last I heard. That the town is one where there is that guy that can change the weather by the way.” Virgilio said, waiving his hand flippantly at her as if he was shooing a fly. “I doubt you’ll find him though. And if you do, do you think he’ll really give you what you want? I rather doubt it. No more killing my men, okay?”

Virgilio let her exit the building without a fight. She left for Greenvale. “Next time I meet with him,” She thought, “I won’t let him speak.”
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