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C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 12: Spirit

“YEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!” Corduroy Turtle expressed his new found youth.

He ran day and night to Ravensdale. The air in his lungs felt thicker. With every inhale of oxygen he felt totally regenerated. The power of youth pulsed through him with every beat of his heart. It was like running in a dream. His stamina just never ended. He knew it was evil. He was literally living on borrowed time. For now, it was time to have fun.

A weight should be on his shoulders, but he didn’t feel it. He was to kill someone in the forest. Corduroy had never been required to kill before. It was usually all his own doing. If he killed this supposed ‘Forest Spirit’ would the man in the mask tell him to kill again? How long was this agreement supposed to last? If he wasn’t so happy, he might be stressed out.

Next time they met, Corduroy Turtle would try and kill the bastard again. Last time he had encountered the masked man, he had no idea how much power he actually had. His skill with a sword rivaled his skill with a staff. Usually people using swords were worthless against him. Also, the masked man didn’t really need to hit his opponent to win. The man could just age you, spontaneously. If you fought him for too long, you’d be beef jerky, and longer than that - maybe ash.

He’d have to surprise him somehow. Perhaps he could kill him quickly and before he could regenerate his own wounds. No sense in having two killers in this world. Corduroy wasn’t about to be outdone. He needed to be the best. Ravensdale and the forest spirit drew near, but all he could think of was how sweet it would be to tear that stupid mask right off of his employer. Why would he wear a mask anyway?

Corduroy stopped in Greenvale to stock up on food and get some rest. The food he ate nourished his body. His metabolism broke down every bit of the nutrients from the fats, the proteins, and carbohydrates. Everything had more energy. He slept there for a while before his trip to Ravensdale.


Hugh and AlphaDeus had just passed Greenvale and were on their way to Bright Falls. Both Alphadeus and Hugh had been inside their own heads the whole trip. Their travels were neither eventful nor boring. They had just been extremely quiet. Hugh spoke up once they had chosen a place to sit and take a break.

“You know. I hadn’t thought of this earlier. But, the man we’re looking for could also be on that list of people your computer printed out.” Hugh said.

“True, true.” Alphadeus acknowledged. “Well, actually how do we know it’s a man we’re looking for?”

“When I scanned for clues in Greenvale I was able to get enough of his shape to tell it was a male.” Hugh said. “Of course, he could be some sort of manly shaped woman.”

“I brought with me my testing equipment. So at the very least I can take samples and go back to my computer if I need to.” Alphadeus said. “No one should be able to infiltrate our group.”

They talked more while walking towards Bright Falls. They could see the buildings. Warm lights were lit. Food was cooking in the restaurants by the smell of it. But there were no people around.

“Shit,” Hugh said raising his Louisville Slugger. “Keep your guard up.”


Law and Reverend Anthony found each other in Bright Falls. The people in town seemed to have disappeared. There was an eerie calm there, and for the moment they didn’t speak. Sounds were still coming from shops. Machines were left on. Fires were still burning.

“Did we just get lucky?” Anthony asked.

“I feel like we aren’t safe here. We’d better get… Out of here…” Law said worrying.

“Wait, where were you? Where were you when this happened?” Anthony said.

“I was out in the forest looking for zoo animals actually. Why, where were you?” Law replied.

“I was in Silent Hill helping people in need. I go there all the time. I just got back from one of my trips there.” Anthony said.

“What happened to all the people?” Law wondered.

“I don’t know. But, I have an idea. I told someone to search for a criminal out in the forest recently.” Anthony explained. “They’re good people: an armored man and a girl. Maybe they’re still alive. We could try to find them.”

“Yes, more people are good. I feel… Chad… Oh Chad, are you still alive?” Law said to himself.

For a moment Law felt sad. His friends might be gone now. He couldn’t have done anything about it. It all just – happened. When Law came out of his depressed stupor he turned to Anthony.

“Yes.” Law said. “Let’s find them.”

“Alright!” Anthony said.

“You can ride me.” Law pointed to his back.

“I can what?!?!” Anthony was shocked.

“Dude, I’m super cereal.” Law said.

Law dropped down on all four of his limbs and his skin started twitching. He prepared for a transformation by sticking his butt in the air and stretching his arms forwards almost like he was doing a strange push up exercise. He sprouted a long tail first. “Woah,” Anthony said. Then his legs looked like they dislocated and the bones cracked and reshaped themselves.

A mighty steed appeared. Law’s shape was that of a Unicorn. A perfect coat of purple-pink fur covered his body and there was a bone horn growing out of his forehead. Law bowed and invited Anthony to ride on his back. Anthony couldn’t resist. He jumped on it.

They rode into the forest, searching for survivors.
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