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C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 11: Flight

Lots of work lately. I'm hoping to show you guys the video games I've been making an designing someday. So, nothing really to say because my mind is on my work. But... Well I really like how this picture turned out. Enjoy!

“Look at his wings.” Elsa said, hypnotized.

The wind started to pick up and Beyamor raised his arms at Winged Kraby. The clouds swirled around the sky making an eye that looked down upon them. James’s hair stood on end and he turned reaching out to Beyamor to stop him from attacking.

“We have to kill him now!” Beyamor yelled.

“Stop! We can’t do it like this!” James shouted back at him.

“You’ll be the first to die doll face.” Kraby pointed to Elsa.

“Who you callin’ doll face?” Elsa smirked.

“Ah, fuck it, light him up.” James said, finally backing down.

With a series of lightning bolts Kraby was hit straight down his body with electricity. He stood there for a moment, burning and emitting a horrible smell of burnt scrotum. Behind the mask, no one could tell if Kraby was in shock or if he was just playing with all of them.

Kraby turned and walked towards Beyamor. He walked a little funny after the lightning blasts. Beyamor thought it was strange that Kraby could even still walk after the attack. So he pulled together another attack from the wind. Beyamor twisted the air and shaped it into a tornado picking Kraby off of his feet and hurtling him into the air.

Miss Alice Dixon jumped into the air and pointed her sword to the sky flying upwards. When she was above the tornado she gave a downwards thrust into Kraby’s brain box. Beyamor shrugged at James. Neither of them knew she could fight, much less fly. She cracked into the dirt below and plunged the sword deep into the soil.

“Gottem!” Said a strangely bubbly sounding Miss Alice Dixon.

Kraby’s body lurched and thrashed about, making Alice scream in terror. She hid behind Wolf. Elsa ran up to Kraby’s body and chopped up the remains. Underneath what seemed like very real skin was a wooden body structure. The wings were mechanical. Elsa tugged at the mask. It was well attached. Once she pried it open, bits of flesh hung off of the mask and revealed no face at all. The eyes, mouth, and throat were all part of the mask itself.

One of the limbs was still bouncing around, animated for a while before stopping. The whole body seemed to finally be dead.

“We have to save all of this for Hugh.” James said. “He’ll be pissed, but we have to be sure this guy was the one we were looking for.”

One of the female dolls fell outside the building and stumbled after them. The fleshy parts of her wobbled awkwardly. Her face was covered with a similar mask as Kraby and she giggled and gurgled as she limped around. Elsa didn’t wait too long until attacking the doll and slicing it to pieces. Entering the building, Elsa starting destroying the work Kraby had done. All the while the other dolls stared at her and laughed.

Finally she entered a room where there was an old human male sitting in the corner. He seemed to be happy and laughing, but when he looked over and saw Elsa had found him, he made squealing noises. He covered his face and naked body. She tried to grab one of his limbs but he was a bit slippery. His smell was atrocious. He had probably been living here by himself in his own filth for weeks. He was so old.

“Can you even walk?” Elsa said.

“NO!! Kraby can’t walk! Can’t walk. No no no.” Old Kraby mumbled.

“Get a hold of yourself Crabby.” Elsa said trying to pick him up and move him.

“Don’t touch me!” He wailed. “I’m the masked man! Me! No, not me? I’m going to kill him! You’ll see! I’ll find him! He’s out there! He’ll get you too! He’ll make you old like me! Take your life away! Make you older! Yeah, hehe he hehehe heh, you’re dead. You’re all dead… There is… No stopping the man in the mask.”

“Shut up…” Elsa said looking around. No one was around at the moment.

Elsa wondered if this old man had possessed any of the dolls that attacked them. Maybe he was the one controlling them. She felt a sensation in her neck. Thoughts were rolling into her head – Kraby’s thoughts. He was trying to do it to her too. She couldn’t leave him alive. Not if he was going to try and possess her too.

“You…” Kraby noticed. “He got to you too didn’t he? What did he tell you to do? I’m not crazy, no. I know. I know you. You’ve killed for him. Haven’t you!! Haven’t you!! I know!!! I know!!! I know yoooooooou Elllllllsssssaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha hahahahaha!!!”

Elsa stabbed the old man through the eye socket and his body went limp.


“Corduroy Turtle…” The masked man addressed him.

“What… do you want…?” Corduroy Turtle said.

His corduroy suit was worn down and getting holes. He was dehydrated. In his old age, he couldn’t fend for himself and couldn’t get food or water very easily. He had gotten sick a few days ago and was lying there, on the ground barely breathing.

“I’m going to offer you a chance to live again.” The masked man said.

“Yes… I want that…” Corduroy Turtle said. “I want my youth back.”

“You’ll do whatever I command you to do this time?” The masked man negotiated.

“Yes… Anything…” Corduroy Turtle begged.

“You must travel to Ravensdale. There you will find a forest spirit to the north. Find the forest spirit and kill it.” The masked man’s smiling teeth showed through the mouth holes. “Do this and I will give you life – eternal.”
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