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Mind Gamez: Twilight the video game: A missed opportunity.

Edited by Stephon
A few years back, the Twilight franchise was a huge movie success, but there was never a release of a real video game based off the franchise. I think that if a good game was released it would have been good for the industry.

(Obviously, gaming has always been guy centered, but for comparison here is layout of Destructoid's audience.)

First off this game is not for you, (the 18-34 male who make up most of this community (source: Alexa.com), it would be for the people who watched the twilight series (14-18 girls). This group also happens to not be very present in mainstream gaming culture. At one time, anything that was twilight related sold, big, and if video games could offer that audience the ability to interact with the cast and have a fantasy adventure with Jacob or Edward it would sell like hot cakes. As a consequence, it would attract massive amounts of new people to gaming and some might even stay. The old “I came for the Twilight, but stayed for the uncharted series” or something like that.
In particular, the PS3 and Xbox 360 would have benefited from this game immensely. As they would have the power to deliver a more authentic experience than the Wii can. Also, the Wii is dominating the casual consoles market right now and this game could have been the killer app (like halo was for Xbox) that brought all those people to Xbox 360 or PS3. Many gamers say they bought the Game Boy, DS or 3DS just for Pokémon and Mario games. During the height of the popularity for Twilight it may have been that kind of game.

(Best marketing ever, and in a game you could take advantage of the marketing strategy.)

Why Guys should care
Most guys hate the twilight series and want nothing to do with it, but it haves a benefit for us as well. Ever play video games with a girlfriend or female friend, and she either calls it boring or plays but you can tell she is only there to be with you? Yea, those times are not very fun; I know many women and most have no interest in or view non casual video games as immature. Personal, video games a big part of my life; I write a blog on them, play them and want to develop them. So if this game gets more girls interested in video games, then there are more woman gamers. Granted there would be the younger, but that would be great for the young male gamers.
As we all know, most movie games suck. However, assuming that the developers make a good game out of this, here is how I could see the game working. The player would be Bella, and the game would take place somewhere after the introduction of Jacob. This would allow the game to take advantage of the team Edward and Jacob marketing. I envision this game working best similar to a game like Katherine. The game should be an under 12 hours, as you don’t want to exhaust first time gamers and it should be independent of the plot of the movies, allowing the player to set their own path and fantasy. The player would be able to romance the man of their choice and game play would be broken up between puzzle elements, exploration (Fallout 3 Style) and some light combat (there was fighting and killing in Twilight). Victoria can serve as the villain (main villains of franchise) and Bella and her chosen partner will need to defeat Victoria and her minions (vampire newborns in Eclipse). Finally throw some shots of the male characters topless, some minor sexual pandering for the player, end with a romantic kiss and done.
While the majority of the popularity for this franchise has faded, Twilight is not over and there is another movie expected soon and Lionsgate has stated that they will continue on the franchise for the foreseeable future. Also, other franchises that are becoming popular and may be the next twilight are The 50 Shades of Gray series, The diary of a Wimpy kid (or Dork Diaries) and The Fault in our Stars. However, none of these books have the fantasy element of Twilight that would translate so well into a video game.
In some ways Twilight is the female answer to the Mass Effect series. Both games allow you to romance and develop your relationships with other characters (romance may be optional, but an integral part of ME series). Twilight story would be considered “epic” by the audience, with the fate of both a werewolf and vampire clan hanging in the balance. Finally, both games could be decision based with your choices affecting the outcome on the opposing clans and the plot. (Also, there was enough sexual pandering in both franchises, such as the Asari and topless Jacob. As always, thanks for reading and constructive feedback is welcome.
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