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Wii Channels We Want to see

Alright, everyone who has a Wii has tried out at least one of the extra channels like News, Weather, and *ahem the popular photo viewer, but what if Nintendo actually listened to our cries for new awesome channels? I don't get why they can'...


Cell Phones and Videogames.

Alright, most, if not all of us in the destructoid community own cellphones of some age and advancement. I work for a Canadian Cell provider and am contemplating how well a cellphone would sell if it was formally designed for videogames. No...


How Hardcore am I if I play with my Wii?

Ok, this is my first blog so I'm hoping to "pop the cherry" on a good post. I recently read an article by Chris Furniss on how the Big N is moving away from the hardcore gamer, and was disappointed in his findings, not that I disagree, it w...


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Always a fanboy to Nintendo, but never a blind eye to the online of Microsoft. Worked at a true small videogame store called Microplay (rest in peace..) for 4 years, love the DS and the Wii, and the 360. They form the triad of gaming power in my life as of late. If I grow a third kidney I might consider selling it for a ps3, but more than likely I'll spend it on Wii and 360 accessories instead, they're less noisy.