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Endings: Lovers' Tryst in Darkness

“Max, dearest of all my friends, I was supposed to be the hero.” The platform that upheld Vladimir during the intense firefight finally gives out. It cracks and squeals as the entire thing plummets down. A chariot whose horses dive down ...


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I try to be funny, usually failing to resonate with an audience. I don't actually know why, since I talk about all the stuff kids are into these days. If you ever met me in person, odds are you'd think I was an asshole because I am mexican and brown.

Whenever I meet new people I tend to introduce myself using a made up nickname. I hear the most effective way to get a nickname is to assign one yourself and I've always wanted a nickname. This nickname thing might come from me lacking the ability to remember names proper and this way I can make sure that I don't discriminate against anybody, we all have nicknames, equally.

I take acting classes with Leonardo D'caprio, ok that I made up, but I do often date celebrities. I see how that sounds like I might be gay, but I am not, I meant female celebrities, just wanted to clear that up. Not that I need to clear anything up since I am very comfortable with my sexuality. Sexuality kind of sounds like sexual duality, which in no way describes me, all man, I got the chest hairs to prove it.