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Greatness For Nothing?

Isn't it odd that many of us make these blogs in hope to achieve greatness by blogging or just to get a few comments from random gamers to make them feel like people understand them? Why do some gamers try to be absolute in one game by trying to be the best? What does that give you? You become the best at a game for reasons that really don't matter to society. Even when you give a game a high score compared to a game you gave a low score. What did that score really mean? Do the scores actually matter, or is it just some system we use to make us be attracted to a few select games or even help promoting a series of games or platforms. The only people who really appeal or read on these subjects is other games. So is the greatness of being a hardcore gamer just to gain "respect" of other games or is it really just for nothing? in the end WHO CARES!! Games are to be fun or competitive for us because people always want to know if they can overcome the mechanics of the game to be the best or just to be the best of the best in one area or multiple to gain respect of others and know that no one can beat you. Anyways, this is just a crappy start of my blog that frankly doesn't matter to what i will be doing. Game Reviews or tips or whatever to be coming in the future. Games such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Army of two or even upcoming games yet to be released.
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