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Crisis Core Quick Review


So far as of only playing about 3 hours of the game, it still seems to be pretty interesting. The fighting component of the game is a little different from most Final Fantasy games. Actually it's not even a TBS at all. It is somewhat of a freestyle attack system but has a major random factor. A new addition to the game called a DMW works like a slot machine does. However you don't control it (in a sense). Depending on how well you time your moves determines how good your chances are getting a good slot roll. It is also dependent on the amount of SP you have to determine how quick it brings you slots. Basically it determines when you get a limit break or when you level up. There is also a good amount of movie cinematics in the game in which appear to look and feel just like the movie "Advent Children".
Instead of there just being the story of the game to play, there is massive amounts of side missions in which you can take part in to help you get items,level up (hopefully), or new materia. It does seem however that you need to do some of these missions to gain an item you should have gotten from doing it in the main part of the story. IE: You fight and defeat Ifrit the summon in the story line, but to gain his materia you must re-challenge him in the Mission section of the game that can only be done in Headquarters.
With the addition of this game to the PSP and as well as God of War, it proves you can have smooth play style games on the PSP, so hopefully other people pick up on this and make MORE good games for the PSP as it lacks a lot of them. I will be giving another review on this game once I have seen it further in game.
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