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So I finished Dishonored, and I think I might be an Arkane fan now cause that game is great, the level design is impeccable, and the experimentation with your powers and abilities makes for a lot of fun replay value. Morality system sucks though.


Squid Game Season 2 will Force players to play 50 turns Mario Party


I feel like it’s been way longer since we heard any news on the Cuphead DLC than any news for Bayonetta 3.


I finished Nier Replicant with Ending E, still need to grow the Lunar Tear flower. They’ve somehow went above and beyond and made the original game even better. I think because of this new route, the series has come full circle after Automata.


Gotta say when I saw Mario walking towards that flame I half expected it to be a Dark Souls character.


Sora will finally be able to fight Sephiroth again.


Dark Souls is the William H Burroughs novel of video games!


Square Enix has made a brand on silly game titles, and the executives have started to worry they might be mellowing down a bit. Anyway that’s probably the widely believed fact of why this game will be called Triangle Strategy. Looks promising!


Charles Martinet has been cast as Starlord in the upcoming Guardians to the Galaxy game.


I got this book delivered exactly on the 10 year anniversary for Dark Souls. Happy Birthday Dark Souls!


This is like if Ingmar Bergman made a Dogme95 film, looks dope and it’s Joel Coen so excited.


Here’s some chill Trentemøller to get you all settled into the weekend.


FFXIV Death Unto Dawn OST has been released into the wilds, so I can finally listen to all the bomb tracks from the Shadowbringers patches including this one. <33


In the next God of War, Kratos will be going to Japan to fight the Angels from Evangelion.


Sony had to fight tooth and nail with their European branch that Spider Man: Miles Morales would not be localized into Spider Man: Kilometres Morales


Matrix Resurrection will see Keanu Reeves as Neo going up against Agent CryptoCurrency and Agent NFT


Berserk Golden Age is the best fantasy I’ve read, simply astounding.


Sounds like the last chapter of Berserk Miura ever did will release on September 10. So this will be it unless Miura’s assistants will carry it on.


Great Ace Attorney is great, the music is phenomenal, the writing and localization is the best Capcom has done before, the characters are great and the cases have generally all been good overall. Even the 3rd case has avoided the AA trappings. GOTY so far


Latest haul is lots of books plus Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions on IPad, excited to get through that game. I also finally tracked down a copy of City and the City. Stoked about that one too.


Oh shit waddup, Happy Birthday to Gaj and Kerrick! And happy belated birthday to Chronolynx too! Hope you’ve all had a good one.


Do you find yourself accidentally romancing a character you didn’t mean to? Do you hate having to talk mean to them? Then why not try leaving them on Virmire to get blown up by a nuke! Virmire. For all of your break up needs *commercial jingle kicks in*


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