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Looking for Gamer Gifts? I Gotz Mad Dealz on Handmade Crafts


Finding the perfect gift for your special button masher can be hard this time of year, but fret not because I have the answer to all your gift-giving problems.

I've got tons of deals on my Etsy Videogame Designs to help you give the very best without spending a truck load of cash. Best of all, these items are handmade in Canada by me and the beads are made in the USA. Buying these items keep jobs at home, people!

Final Fantasy VI Bag Tags or Magnets - 3 for $10 plus shipping (Regular $5 a piece)
You can choose from any character in the main cast.

Chrono Trigger - Buy the full cast of 7 characters for $20 plus $10 shipping to US, Canada or U.K
Regular Price - $5 a character

Pac Man Keychain Sets - $3 a set
Comes with Mr. or Ms. Pac Man and one coloured ghost

Check out the rest of my store for more ideas!
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