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I Love Guitar Hero 5

Now, I wouldn't say I'm a Rock Band fanboy, because I don't really care, but if it came to Neversoft vs. Harmonix I'd go with Harmonix hands down EVERY time. I've felt Guitar Hero going down the drain ever since Neversoft took reigns o...


Dtoiders, will you guys be my friends?

Seriously, I've had Resistance 2 for two days, and no one has a mic, it's so unfufilling to play a match of anything(besides deathmatch, everyone's mute for that anyway) and be the only one talking. Not to mention coop, it's dreadful playin...


So I'm here at DToid! :D

After a couple months of lurking I finally decided to sign up, I like it here! :D Oh and uhhh, Ghost Squad, 4 people + 4 Zappers = FUN SHIT.


About Fadakarone of us since 11:26 PM on 12.03.2007

I grew up hating video games until I was 6, when I got my N64 with Pokémon Snap. How could I not have love for Pokémon IN FULL 3D ENVIRONMENTS! I bought Tony Hawk 1, which was the only reason why I continued buying consoles, so I could have the latest installment. Bought my Gamecube day one because my N64 made sure I was a Nintendo fanboy, I beat the shit out of every exclusive the Gamecube had, until it broke...:[

What?! No video games?! Preposterous! I had to play something, I went out to EB Games, bought myself Half Life 2 a year after it came out, it came with Counter-Strike Source too, and I had heard GREAT things about Counter-Strike, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Come home, install it. And it doesn't work, I had forgotten you'd need a gaming quality PC to actually play games on it. So I waited a couple months for Christmas and had my cousin pick out parts good enough to run it. That was when I built my first PC, with help of course...

Got big into PC gaming, then came around the current gen. I knew I had wanted a Wii regardless of my Gamecube breaking down. So I got my Wii launch day too, played it for a month and realized it was garbage and I wanted real online gaming. So I got my 360, which I still play to this day. About a year later I realized the Wii was garbage just taking space. I sold it to some soccer mom for enough money to get the Metal Gear PS3 SKU. And here I am now!

I used to love platformers but after a couple years of Counter-Strike I'd have to say FPS' will always be my favorite genre.

As to why I'm here? I drifted from Kotaku, I had read about Destructoid from some of the comments. I decided I'd bookmark it for the articles. And then I got banned from commenting(happened twice now!), I decided to sign up here. I guess I came for the articles, and stayed for the realistic douchey community. No sucking dicks on Destructoid! Fuck you guys! :D