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Facemask's c-blog
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About Facemaskone of us since 6:10 PM on 09.04.2008

I like to play all types of games, but mainly adventure games. It's becouse of their prestige I enjoy a little myistery here
and there. Yes this is a mask, beleve me my real face is a lot worse.

Favorite Games *note not in order of most favorite
Super mario bros 1-3
The Legend of Zelda
Double dragon
more to come....
Super Mario world
Super Mario all- star
Super Mario RPG
The Legend of Zelda (ALTTP)
Dounkey Kong Country 1-3
Super Metroid
Chrono Trigger
Super Streetfighter
Mortal Kombat Ultimate 3 more to come...

TV shows
Maximume Exposure
The new Terminater serise
The Rachel Ray show
Emeril Live
The Fresh prince of Bel-Air
The Graham Norton Show

Batman the anmated serise
The batman
Spectacular Spider-man
Venture Bros
The Boondocks
Family Guy
Jackie Chan adventures
American Dad
The Justice League both serise's
Robot Chicken
Invader Zim
MGM classics
Dragon ball all three serise