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A cast of thousands: The G-Man

First and foremost, there are mild spoilers ahead. To explain my interest in the character known as the G-Man from the Half Life series, I'll need to give a brief explanation of a few things. I'm a fan of a certain genre of fiction that...


So I finally beat Lost Odyssey...

After a few months of playing it, and after two or three week long breaks, I finally beat Lost Odyssey. I was trying to get most of the side quests done beforehand, but I didn't realize how much that entailed. With my immortals in the upp...


Seriously Konami?

You're charging $600 for the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle? I've been waiting for further information on this bundle and whether or not it would be coming to the US, but now that it is, I can't see spending that much money. http://www.konam...


Piracy - Reaper or Savior

So I guess I'll try my hand at another blog entry. Piracy has always been a hot topic in the gaming industry, especially in the PC world. It seems that every day we are seeing PC centric developers doing one of two things. Either they bl...


Thinking - 10/10

Ok, so Ive been a reader of Destructoid for probably about a year or so now. I never made an account here because I never really had any good ideas for blog posts, but Ive visited regularly for news and to listen to the podcasts. Ive a...


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