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Think of all the things we learned: Portal

WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS AND OCCASIONAL BAD LANGUAGE Ever since it's release in 2007, Portal has been held in high regard by much of the gaming community. Portal does have its haters. Those damn douche bags who think the gaming industry ...


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I'm you're resident c*nt! Although I may not posses such a physical extremity it's the title which I've became associated with after many smart-ass remarks and a natural-nack for being unhelpful. Don't misunderstand I'm not just a c*nt though I'm also a gamer, anime-fan, student and a techie.

I know I'm off to a bad start with this introduction thing, so lets just move on to the story of creation.


In the begining Daniel (lets call him God) created a dtoid account and a basic template for his blog. The blog was empty and formless providing nothing for fellow users. God then said 'let there be a blog post.' And after various mouse clicks and alot of keyboard hammering a blog post appeared.

Evening passed and morning came, but God slept in that day and was late for work! Marking the end of the first day and loss of the second.

On the third day God said 'Let there be a blog name, a banner and an about me page.' A crappy eighties motivational montage ensued reminiscent of scarface, or rocky and the work was done. And God saw that it was 'alright.'

I know what you're thinking; 'This explains nothing' well I'm not done yet! Commence operation: Save my about me section.



Flyingdumbass: AKA Daniel
Age: 19
Job: Student


P.S Sometimes I'm here!,or here!