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Oh Destructoid, How I hated to depart with you.

Hello everyone. Again, I'm here. I didn't actually go anywhere. This thing that the cool kids are doing nowadays called "school" is really consuming my life. Not like the dark side though. Because at least they give you cookies. At school, they just make you memorize stuff (a majority of the time) that you could care less about.

Anyways, I will be blogging on here on and off when I can. I run too many blogs as it is that I can't even keep up.

Also if anyone would want to help give "supportive" input on how to fix my header? that would be wonderful.

Besides all of this stuff,

Game wise: I've played the best and worst of my video game library lately. I've beaten God of War III and Heavy Rain(at my friend's house that pwns a PS3) and it was very enjoyable. Other than that, I'm still cranking out the time on Mass Effect 2(amazing game by the way)

Another newbish question: anyone know how to edit your own profile? I have to update some things like fix my gamertag(since Microsoft finally banned my Greenaidsandham account) and switched it to something else.

That's all for now. Later gamers of the world!

I know people have probably seen this before, but the new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a great tribute to video gamers everywhere!

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