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Halo 3, the game to love and hate

Ok, here's where my fairy tale begins: I am a big Halo fan. Everyone should know that from my name on Destructoid. I get out of class at 3 o clock p.m. excited for the launch for Halo 3. I go with my friend to the city where I reserved my ...


Ninja Gaiden 2 X360 Impressions

Up on top is footage of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360 shown at the Tokyo Game Show. Presuming people know or heard of Ninja Gaiden, the sequel does look good, but as others said, what's stopping it from becoming a Sigma clone? Sigma offere...


I'm new and need friends!

This is my first post. Ever. I swing by this site alot and it has lots of interesting content. So feel free to send me a friend request because making new friends is awesome. I'll write another blog later.


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