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Failcast episode 26 records tonight; also, 11 Things You Might Not Know About Failcast


Failcast rides again tonight, during our weekly quest to keep us as sleep-deprived as possible come Wednesday morning. Who is our community guest, you may wonder? Why, none other than Cataract! Get to know him better during tonight's show, which will hopefully be awesome! In the meantime, this is the Failcast questions post, so start asking us some questions about Destructoid, Cataract, video games, and whatever else.

And now, in keeping with the latest craze in the cblog, here are 10 things - wait no, CRANK DAT SHIT UP - 11 things you might not know about Failcast:

1. Wiisucks is the reason we are here.
Remember Wiisucks, the best troll Dtoid's ever had? Well, long ago, he made an announcement that he'd be recording a podcast and to contact him if you wanted to be on. Vent caught a wind of this and everyone wanted to be on, so we sat around for hours, waiting for it to start. The start time was continually delayed because Wiisucks "had some homework to do." Finally, Wiisucks said that he decided not to do it, after Vent had been sitting around getting good and ready, at which point someone said "fuck it, we're doing our own show." We recorded a show, the remnants of which can be seen here. The original cast was Yashoki, Phist, Necros, Velcroman, and WmV337, with Tehuberone also participating and editing the podcast. The intent was to release our practice episodes to the community to show our evolution, resulting in two "negative episodes." Charlie would replace Phist as our resident Asian in episode -2, and WmV337 dropped off the face of the Earth. King3vbo joined the podcast in episode -1, and we'd record one more show that was never edited before considering ourselves ready.

2. Episode 0 was meant to be episode 1.
After the practice runs, we had trimmed down our cast to four: Yashoki would be the main host, King3vbo would replace Tehuberone as editor, Necros would post the blogs, and Charlie would be Asian. We'd round out our cast with an everchanging selection of community guests. Madninja was first up to bat, but at the last minute, Charlie had to pull out of the episode to participate in some Dtoid staff meeting in Vent, back when editors used Vent. Hence, we decided to rename it episode 0, so Charlie could be on episode 1. If you listen to the episode, we still talk about it being our first episode.

3. We take forever to get started.
We normally try to meet-up online to start the show at 10PM EST, but this has never, ever come true. In a best-case scenario, we will have spent an hour preparing the show notes and our topics of discussion and start the show at 11PM. However, we will often sit around, shooting the shit, saying, "Man, we should really start the show sometime." And usually when we are finally ready to record, someone decides to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. I think our record for pre-show delay is two and a half hours of bullshitting.

4. Yashoki can not lead us in without a cue.
This is always edited out of the show, but Yashoki refuses to start a segment without someone saying "3-2-1-GO" as fast as they can. This usually comes from Charlie, but at times everyone but the guest may be shouting it at Yashoki in frustration.

5. King never wears pants during recording.

6. We actually have more than 2-4 listeners.
Believe it or not, people actually listen to this show. We're far from the most popular podcast on Dtoid, but it seems some people out there actually enjoy this show. Our average amount of listeners hovers around 120 within the first week, according to our download stats, which is pretty respectable, considering how few people listened to us from the outset. The listeners per episode continue to grow from there, often ending up around 150. It's just more fun to imagine that we're all lonely individuals who no one listens to. A random fact: our most popular episode ever was episode 3.1, Rio's preview episode, though it was shortly surpassed by episode 9, which features Drunkros. Also, the most popular recent episode was episode 22, which dealt with community drama and had a much higher amount of streaming listeners.

7. Yashoki stands up during the entire show.
It's the strangest thing I've ever heard. Yashoki does not sit down while we record. The entire time, he is standing by his computer. He even takes care to do stretches before the show. Weird.

8. We never really liked the preview episodes.
Listeners will notice we dropped preview episodes recently. Let me explain. Originally, it was unrealistic to expect King3vbo to edit a full episode every week, so Failcast was proposed as a bi-weekly podcast. However, in order to attract more listeners, we wanted to be able to post some content every week in order to stay in the public mindset. Hence, after episode 0, we decided to do preview episodes, shorter releases with only two cast members where the community could get to know the guest who would appear on the next episode. The initial numbering for these preview episodes was very confusing. The preview for episode 2 would be numbered as episode 1.1 - the ".1" signified that it was a short episode, and the 1 meant that it came before episode 2. This was dropped after only a handful of episodes and replaced with the "beta" designation, which actually came from a suggestion from Wardrox. These episodes meant well, but they started feeling really stale to the cast, which led to us trying to branch out their content to short discussions in later episodes, until they started evolving into full shows of their own. At this point, King3vbo's schedule opened up, so we just decided to go with full, weekly episodes instead.

9. We really do have a ridiculous amount of people who want to be on the show.
For reference, some of the more recent guests on the show asked to be on about six months ago, or even earlier. We sometimes shift the list around a bit to get a better flow or mix going, but in general we try to stick by who asked first. The problem with this is that, due to full episodes coming only every two weeks, we moved very slowly through our guest list. Hopefully, with a full episode being released every week, we'll be able to get more community members on.

10. We used to have community audio segments.
Any longtime listeners remember those? Around episode 11, Charlie and the gang attempted to get a trend going of listeners submitting what were essentially "audio cblogs" to Failcast to release to a wider audience within the show. We even organized a behind-the-scenes "Team Fail" to help provide content. Unfortunately...this all fell apart after a few months, around episode 15 or 16. We'd like to explore this again someday, so keep your eyes peeled and consider donating your opinion and voice to us if we do start it up again.

One of the most popular receptions this shitty podcast has ever gotten was our drunk community recording during PAX 08. You know, the one in the basement of the Red Lion where Necros acts like a total douche. Those who were there will remember a tangle of cords resulting from nine mics being plugged into Necros' Mac - but only one could record, for some reason. It was a giant clusterfuck, but we're going to figure this shit out before we get to PAX 09, so we can hopefully have an awesome-as-fuck Failcast for all you people who don't make it out there. Which, really, should be no one, since you should all be there. But we know some of you will find a bad excuse to miss it - we're looking at you, Charlie and Yashoki.

So hopefully you know a little bit more about Failcast, if you really cared at all. NOW ASK US SOME QUESTIONS, DAMMIT!
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