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About Extraordinary 22 year oldone of us since 11:06 PM on 11.28.2008

I'm just your average EXTRAORDINARY GUY! Video games are the love of my life... besides the women that is;) I've been playing ever since i was a young pup. I'm pretty laid back, not too much of a competitive type. I mainly play RPG's and i've just started to get into FPSs. Good video games, Good women, Good drink (lost energy), GOOD TIMES!

Like i mentioned earlier, I mainly play rpg's. Some of my top fav's are: Earthbound (mother series), FF 6 and 7, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Shadow hearts series, .hack series, Kingdom hearts series, Lost oddysey.

I own a 360, Ps1, Ps2, Nintendo, SNES, PSP, DS, Genesis, Gamegear, Gameboy, and an atari:)