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Love/Hate : Finishing games

I can still remember, back in 8th grade, a little quote that was pinned to a board, in our library. It essentially said : books are meant to be enjoyed. There is no law forcing you to finish a bad book. But there seems to be some kind o...


About Exrecallerone of us since 5:39 PM on 11.28.2008

I can still remember playing Doom on my dad's knees when I was 4. Played all the PC classics, my parents finally got me a Gamecube when I was 12. I bought a PS2 recently to experience all those RPG's I missed. Anyways, I got myself in a raiding guild on WoW for a few years, was fun, then Blizz ruined the game. Also decided to join the military, which fucked my gaming habits and makes me more critical of the shitty FPS's that come out nowadays.

My favorite games? A top games list is always hard to produce since these all affected me in different ways...

1. Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos Origins
2. Baldur's Gate series
3. Portal
4. Starcraft
5. Final Fantasy series

No harcore FPS on this list? whut?! Well I still loved Metroid Prime (the 3rd was my favorite!) and Battlefield 2142, Halo, Doom, Far Cry and Crysis in their own little way but real games should be a masterful combination of storytelling and great gameplay, not just teh hardcore action.

I just love criticizing, or rather arguing, so if you want to start a debate be ready for some walls of text.

Currently playing : Pretty much nothing. I can't seem to find a game that grabs my attention; buying all the Steam discounted games and trying them just to cry at the lameness.

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