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The Five Boroughs: GTAIV Review.

So, I'm finally finished with the story.. As usual, with the completion of something great comes that despair, that sort of sinking feeling that it's all come to an end. Of course, this is a game of almost endless potential, so that feel...


Me, the Wii, and the Burnout Paradise demo.

So that's what it's been, eh? Give and take. I do admit, amidst grueling shifts and my one class that I barely mention (embarassed?...maybe. Final was tuesday and I killed it.) I have been playing my Wii a bit too much, showing it way too m...


My god, Hayabusa is angry.

"Oh my god." " god." "OH MY GOD." -- Scene by scene ExpertPenguin excerpts from watching the video below. While there are many mysteries that confound humanity and science as a whole, not one of them is more unsolvable than the ...


We are all Cavemen.

I had a woman walk into my store the other day, talking about how much she hated the fact that her son played videogames. Ironically enough, she was trying to buy her son a Wii at the moment, so I said nothing to her. She did however, make ...


Subtle as the detailed scars on Marcus' face..

I'd had a discussion with my friend the other day, one of many that revolved around graphics and their relevance. The friend in question is a self proclaimed "graphics whore", however, I don't really have a adjective of my own, other than t...


God of War: Chains of Olympus Impressions

Must be some kind of contract that says Kratos has to stare menacingly into your face on every title screen, just to remind you how ANGRY he is. I hit the start button and was IMMEDIATELY plunged headfirst into the action with nary a loadi...


So I get this thing in the mail from Sony...

It is, of course, the God of War: Chains of Olympus package for the PSP, that I expected. So I tear this beast open, and look for my swag. Omega insignia doohickey -- check. Best Buy Coupon -- Check Demo? -- Check. What I didn't expect...


Blender: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

This is some delicious repost from my other blog, anyone who has read it already has my sincerest of apologies..(Not really, it just means you caught me in the act) But this is part of something new I was trying out where I would sit down, ...


About ExpertPenguinone of us since 2:08 PM on 02.09.2007

My real name is Lucien.

I'm a goof....some of my friends say I'm pretty cool.

I love games, gaming, the industry and everything involved. From what makes them work, the experience, and the history behind it all. I love it more than you can fathom, and it honestly, truly runs deeper than any petty system allegiance, fanboyism, or bias.

I also love to write about them. Call me a journalist.

(lol, hubris.)

My old blog (2005- Early 2009) lies at:

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I've been around Destructoid since it started, witnessed every stage of their evolution with pride and admiration, but unfortunately, I've been more of a lurker than anything else. I visit every few hours and have felt the urge to comment and yell for a while, but after that MASSIVE password change we had a while back, my computer stopped logging me in automatically and a few computer changes/crashes+laziness kept me from logging back in for a LONG time.

I still love you guys. All of ya. Even the ones I haven't met yet.

'Tis why I have my name back, after all.

Perhaps I should update my Cblog...