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My god, Hayabusa is angry.

"Oh my god." " god." "OH MY GOD." -- Scene by scene ExpertPenguin excerpts from watching the video below. While there are many mysteries that confound humanity and science as a whole, not one of them is more unsolvable than the ...


We are all Cavemen.

I had a woman walk into my store the other day, talking about how much she hated the fact that her son played videogames. Ironically enough, she was trying to buy her son a Wii at the moment, so I said nothing to her. She did however, make ...


About ExpertPenguinone of us since 2:08 PM on 02.09.2007

My real name is Lucien.

I'm a goof....some of my friends say I'm pretty cool.

I love games, gaming, the industry and everything involved. From what makes them work, the experience, and the history behind it all. I love it more than you can fathom, and it honestly, truly runs deeper than any petty system allegiance, fanboyism, or bias.

I also love to write about them. Call me a journalist.

(lol, hubris.)

My old blog (2005- Early 2009) lies at:

My new one is Actualized Pixels

I've been around Destructoid since it started, witnessed every stage of their evolution with pride and admiration, but unfortunately, I've been more of a lurker than anything else. I visit every few hours and have felt the urge to comment and yell for a while, but after that MASSIVE password change we had a while back, my computer stopped logging me in automatically and a few computer changes/crashes+laziness kept me from logging back in for a LONG time.

I still love you guys. All of ya. Even the ones I haven't met yet.

'Tis why I have my name back, after all.

Perhaps I should update my Cblog...

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