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Spread The Love

This is what you get when you're nice to a total stranger and leave positive comments on his/her blog. Just for being a nice guy, Electro Lemon has this coming his way in a few days. I hope that he gives it a good home. Just so the N...


A Wierd Kid's Top 10 -- Genesis Games

Hey all, I wasn't much of a Genesis/Mega Drive player back in the day. And the only experience I've had with the game library for the Genesis is from my legally obtained ROMs and emulator that I have. My main problem with coming up with...


A Wierd Kid's Top 10 (Plus 1) -- SNES Games

In continuing on with my submissions of top ten games, here�s tonight�s feature! Never was I a normal kid growing up. I used to hear about it damn near everyday. When I was 12, instead of wanting to go outside and play in the Idaho deser...


A Wierd Kid's Top 10 -- NES Games

I never was a normal kid growing up I used to hear it damn near everyday. When I was 9, instead of wanting to go outside and play, go fishing, or anything physical, I just wanted to be left the hell alone in my room with my NES. Below y...


Your Mom Should Have Aborted You

There�s nothing I can�t stand more than most of the people that I play online with over Xbox Live. Granted it really matters what game you are playing, but it�s so bad at times, that I�d rather NOT play against people online. From the a...


Unplug or if you prefer, Jackoff

What do you do to unplug? That�s a simple enough question, but there�s a multitude of answers. And judging from the pH-level-of-smartassedness on this blog I�m sure there�s a few of you who swear you don�t unplug. That makes me a sad p...


Digital Distribution, No Thanks!

I can�t speak for the rest of the D-Toid Army, but there�s nothing I like more than coming home from the store with a new game and meticulously taking off the cellophane (or shrink wrap), peeling off the security tags, and just taking a w...


Gamestop and Why I Hate Them!

Today was the release date for Blue Dragon, yet the store I had preordered it from didn't get their shipment today. That's fine, from what I've seen from other stores, nobody else local got it either. That's even better, if I'm not happ...


Blue Dragon today...hopefully

This'll be just a quick one this morning. Blue Dragon is supposed to be on the shelves this morning, is anyone else excited to pick it up? I know that the demo sucked balls, but I chalk that up to it being a demo that dropped you into the...


Decisions Decisions Decisions...

I don't know about many of you here, but I can speak for myself when I say that I am an avid fan of JRPGs. There was a time when I HAD to have every single Square Soft game there was. It used to be that there was not a single game that ...


Don't Believe The Hype

This is a really troubling time for me as a gamer. Truly spectacular games are being ignored for ones that have the bigger PR firm. Mediocrity is being rewarded with dollar signs. A system that was at the top of the market in the l...


I've got the 360 now I want a PS3

Forget all the fanboys, forget all of the corporate alliance, forget all of it. I've done all of my research, I know how the sales charts look, I don't friggin care, I just want one! Looking back at the November launch last year, I admit...


Ahh...The Not-So-Old-Days

Ok where did I stop last time, let's see, oh yes I was talking about the Super Nintendo (aka Super Famicom). It was a great time to be a gamer but also one of the nastiest times seeing how it was the birth of modern "Fanboy-ism". Those of y...


Games That Defined Me...Xenogears

Xenogears "...what the hell kind of game is that?" I remember saying as I booted up the demo that was included with Parasite Eve (if my memory serves me correctly). I was amazed. Giant fxcking robots and martial arts in an RPG?!? Wicked! ...


Ahh...The Good Ol' Days

I am a classic gamer. I am a modern gamer. I am a console gamer. I am NOT a PC gamer. I have been playing games since way back in 1983 (when I was 3!) on the good ol' Commodore 64 aka the C64. The first games I played were Pac-Man and Time ...


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