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State of the Gaming Nation


I had originally planned to put up a Top 10 tonight, but I didn't quite have the time to put the effort forth to actually finish what I've been working on. You all know that I won't put out something I am not completely satisfied with (unless I'm just fucking around). Also, slow night is slow. I'll have to save the Top 10 for tomorrow night. Now, the reason for tonight's blog. It is:

Excremento's First Annual State of the Gaming Nation

My fellow citizens of Destructoid, I come before you this evening with the hopes of informing you of some of the great developments we've seen as a gaming nation and hopefully providing some entertainment.

This year marks the anniversary of two of the industry's newest consoles, the Nintendo Wii and the much maligned Sony PlayStation 3. Both systems are admittedly un-owned by yours truly, though I do have full intention on picking up both systems by the beginning of next year. This year also marked the second anniversary of the Microsoft Xbox 360 which has taken quite the large captive share of audience that used to be celebrated solely by Sony with their PlayStation 2.

Starting with the first system on the list we have the Nintendo Wii, a triumph in the gaming world to be sure. With over 10 million units sold as of August of this year, the Wii is running roughshod over its competitors. I'm sure by now the Wii has overtaken the Xbox 360 in sales and continues on its white colored rampage through the world.

There are those in this community that see the Wii as a GameCube with fancy controls, I'm not here to say that is right or wrong. I'm merely here to say that no matter how much nay saying continues from the gaming world, the Wii doesn't have to worry about making money, they can do it without the so called "hardcore" gamers.

Next on the chopping block is the Sony PlayStation 3...what is there to say that hasn't been said already. The PS3 is an amazing machine; it has incredible (though difficult) architecture to offer games that I'm sure will astound us for years. The main problem with the PS3 seems to be the utter lack of leadership from Sony. We have seen blunder, after blunder from the PR department at Sony, all the while expecting them to finally hit their stride.

The minute that the PS3 seems to catch its breath, it receives yet another haymaker from the management. I have played many a hour on the PS3 and I personally like it. I just refuse to make an investment on a product that I feel meets and exceeds my expectations.

Finally, we have the Xbox 360. I do in fact own this system and am very glad that I bought it last spring. Am I a fanboy? Hell no, and I will have an internet fight with anyone else who says so. For the positives I see with the 360 is an extensive line of excellent first party titles, and an amazing experience with online play.

Now for the part that I hate to admit, the negative. This problem that plagues the 360 cut to the quick (look it up, its painful and I'm sure you all have mistakenly done so). The failure rate on new consoles is and was completely ludicrous. Myself, I am on my 3rd Xbox 360, the first one got disc read errors and I sold the second one for an Elite. I fully expect my current Xbox to fail on me with the amount of hours I put it through.

My final opinion on this whole matter? Pick the system that is right for you whether it be one of the three, or all of them. Don't let anyone make up your mind for you when it comes to consoles. All three are decent systems each with their own flaws and strengths, pick the one(s) that you think will fit with your gaming persona. Like I said earlier, I plan on getting all of them, and then build a gaming PC (blasphemy!).

Moving on, the best thing of this year would have to be the games we are fortunate enough to play THIS year:

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
God of War II
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Heavenly Sword
Halo 3
The Orange Box
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Guitar Hero III
Rock Band
Mass Effect
The Simpsons Game
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Super Mario Galaxy
Time Crisis 4

This of course is me listing the games that I was personally hyped to play/own. I'm sure that there are numerous others that I have neglected to include on this list from the other platforms that admittedly don't get much love from me, such as the Nintendo DS, the PC, GameBoy Advance, and the Sony PlayStationPortable.

This is by far one of the greatest years in gaming for me. I've seen an exponential increase on the amount of monies spent and in the time I invest into each game. I've also noticed something else, the amount of fun I've been having is higher. Life is good when you have games to play, people to talk to, and drinks to imbibe is it not?

I thank you all for your time and your immeasurable patience when it comes to reading this wall of text. Now, for the love of all that is holy, go forth and please the Giant Robot by Shutting The Fuck Up And Just Play Games.

Also, Random Fat Kids for the laughs.
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