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Songs That SHOULD Be In Guitar Hero/Rock Band -- Volume I


I love Guitar Hero, and I'm bound to love Rock Band. I just have one problem, I was brought up with a vast knowledge of music and appreciation for all types of music. Unfortunately for people like me, most rhythm games fail to include some of my favorite songs and or bands.

While I find it very cool that the game designers for both game series are trying to be all-inclusive and bring elements from modern music and music from the past together in one game, they sometimes fall flat on their face trying to meet my expectations and the expectations of people like me.

I know that I am not the only audiophile in the vast sea of Destructiod readers. There will no doubt be those of you who agree with the songs I post here, and a great deal more of you who won't agree or have never heard the songs I list. Let's get started shall we?

Pink Floyd -- In The Flesh?

This was off of one of Pink Floyd's most successful and popular albums, The Wall, and contains a slew (that's right, I said it, a slew) of good tracks, from the very beginning of the first album all the way through the second, you senses are assaulted, raped, loved, cherished, and turned into Neo-nazis. Though the track in question is one of the coolest songs they ever made. Just imagine how cool it would be to strum the opening chords in guitar hero.

The Pillows -- Blues Drive Monster

The Pillows, in my opinion are the Beatles of Japan. Their music is easily approached, and for those of you out there that are Nihonophobes they use a ton of Engrish in their songs. This song in particular is just one of my favorites of many off of the [i]Little Busters[/b] and is just such a happy damn song and would be a great addition to the Guitar Hero songlist.

Ministry -- Jesus Built My Hotrod

Now it's time to get serious. Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & the Way to Suck Eggs is a life changing cd. If you've never heard it, go out and get it, it is the perfect example of industrial music. There are too many songs from this album that should be in used, though the most spastic on the album would be the best song to use to just utterly shred the hand of anyone playing.

Mastodon -- The Wolf Is Loose

Great fucking song, though it might be too new for some of you out there, you have to love that can make a whole album about Moby Dick, do some research. I love metal, and these guys are doing a good job of bringing up to a whole 'nother level. Off of the Blood Mountain album, it is the opening track and just starts of with bad ass drumming and then its right to the shredding.

Deftones -- Root

I remember learning how to play this on the guitar for reals, and it was pretty challenging for a newbie, but I can only imagine how great this song would be on Guitar Hero. Off the Adrenaline album, I can rember these guys opening up for Korn and Sister Machine Gun and just totally blowing them out of the water. The guitar work on all the Deftones albums is immaculate, love these guys.

I know, I know, I probably didn't include the group/song that you think would be great, but give me some time, this is just the first of a series of many blog posts I'll start posting about songs I'd love to see in Guitar Hero. Who knows, maybe next time, your favorite song will be here. Thanks for reading, see you all online!
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