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Holy Crap! Also, A Modest Proposal


Guys, I don't know how to thank you all for your continued support of my silly lists that I put up. I had a feeling that when Hamza told me that he wanted my list to go on the front page as part of the Community Appreciation Week that I'd get a few more readers, I didn't know that it'd end up being a part of Destructoids own "TOP 10 POPULAR STORIES" two days in a row.

To me, it's unbelievable that so many of you here in the community would appreciate the ramblings of a guy like me. I really can't thank you all enough for making me feel 'internet famous' for a day. Just know this, if there was a knife fight between the rival gangs of video game website readers, you'd have me in your corner willing to take a stab for each of you. Seriously, thank you so much.

Now...down to business.

Hamza CTZ Aziz has said a few times now that he is planning on doing another Community Week sometime in January. I want like no other to be included on those days with another epic list that will topple my 'Top 50' like Godzilla stepping on a slack-jawed Tokyo citizen screming in perfect Engrish "....oh noes!"

With that said, I plan on doing a Top 100, I'm not kidding. I fully expect the page count to be well over 60 when I type it up. Since Elephant can't handle that amount of epicness. I'd would probably be split into 4 or 5 days which would guarantee me a spot on each day! I can't fathom something that epic yet, but I want to get started working on it soon enough, I only have a few weeks to my marriage which limits my time to do tons of writing.

Here's where you come in, I have a general idea of what to do for the list, I need your opinion. Since you are the ideal audience for me (my loyal readers) I'd like to know what you think. Ok, here's the idea "Top 100 Characters In Gaming History". I was thinking that it should include the 'real-life' characters as well as the fictional ones like Gunpey Yokoi vs Solid Snake.

What do you all think?!?
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