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As I wait for the outcome of some job applications, I want to do something I couldn't do last year: play genres new to me. Mostly for PC, I am looking for Roguelike, FPS with story, god game, and action rpgs. More info in the comments.


Seemingly joined the unemployment ranks. This is not good.


Tried playing Muramasa, and failed. Odin Sphere wasn't that hard to follow. I'll try Dragon's Crown next.


First blog of the year published. Here's hoping I get called to work again so I can have more sources of inspiration.


From left to right top 10 TV shows watched in 2020.


Wonder Woman 1984, either a good or a bad movie does something right: strong performances and DC's original take on its movies.


Current mood:


2020: defeated!


Just wanted to share some positive things regarding this passing year. Something good did happen to us, let's embrace that and march on. Happy new year, guys👊🏼Thanks for all the posts.


My Retro GOTY Awards 2020 blog is up. Thanks in advance to those who took the time to read what was in my mind this year.


Whether the decade finished last year or will this one, these games are my top 9 for that matter. I can finally blog about them... Bump: Blog is up.


From left to right my top 10 movies of 2020.


Playing one's favorite game never gets old. This marks my 3rd Persona 4 playthrough and it feels beary good.


16 more days and this year will finally be over. Here's hoping that most of us return working in one way or another, and beat those issues that may get in our way. We can do it, don't know how, but we can.


The Game Awards used to be enjoyable... at best, but it's 2019 and 2020 iterations left me wondering if I should bother next year.


Quick update: two more games to beat in order to start working on my Retro GOTY Awards 2020. Happy gaming, everyone 👊🏼


From left to right top 10 Wii games in honor of co-owning the console for 7 years. I still play GameCube games on it, and it's amazing. Bump: Blog is up.


On a day like this but 7 years ago, I decided to take blogging seriously. Funny how time has gone by and words keep coming to me. Thanks to my previous mentor and to Destructoid for believing in gamers who want to express themselves.


Been checking the US elections results since day one. Though I don't live there, I am relieved to see it's finally over.


Doing some cleaning at my new place, I found this relic from my very first birthday party. This brought a smile to my face.


Fell to the dumps again today but many people were there for me. No one is alone, it seems. I'm glad friends helped me out.


Got around buying my cousin an used Wii AV cable for her to play again. Small detail which made us both happy.


Just watched 'Cuties' from Netflix. Down to earth great social critique with bad marketing. And still, some choose to watch Emily in Paris instead. Oh, society.


"In a world filled with so many toxic communities, friends and whatnot, Dtoid is what I didn't know I needed. Seriously, no matter the post I read from other users I always feel they only have the best of intentions when sharing them." Full story on blog.


Posted a new blog since June-July. A short one but it felt good. God Hand review is up.


And that's Crash Warped replay done. My least favorite, actually, but with a well executed final battle.


2nd work anniversary: achieved 😊Forever grateful for letting me be and teach my way.


Port or remake? Either way, the definitive way of playing Luigi's Mansion resides on the GameCube. New Nintendo 3DS required or Circle Pad pro as the gyro controls aren't well implemented. 3.5 out of 5.


A month since I partially moved has already gone by. Life after 25 can be daunting but, this sense of better indepency and maturity I'm building up it's amazing.


"The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace." Finished my Metroid backlog. Top in comments.


About Exberone of us since 7:47 PM on 04.07.2020

I guess these would be considered as my stats, so here I go:

I'm Exber, not related to my name by any means. I'm from Venezuela and I'm an English Teacher.

I have been playing video games since I was 4 years old. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 are among my first gaming memories.

Console gamer. I play on PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, 3DS, DS, and many retro systems. However, PC is not out of the picture.

Resident Evil and Persona share the spot as my favorite gaming series. Following this, here are my favorite games per year:

2006: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

2007: Resident Evil 2

2008: Persona 4
Runner Up: Resident Evil 4

2010: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Runner Up: Final Fantasy XII

2011: Radiant Historia
Runner Up: Okami

2012: Klonoa Door to Phantomile
Runner Up: Tomb Raider Anniversary

2013: Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
Runner Up: Silent Hill 4

2014: Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Runner Up: Resident Evil Zero

2015: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Runner Up: Final Fantasy IV

2016: Final Fantasy IX
Runner Up: A Link Between World

2017: Persona 5
Runner Up: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

2018: Skies of Arcadia Legends
Runner Up: Zelda Spirit Tracks

2019: Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth
Runner Up: Ghost Trick

2020: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Runner Up: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

I try to learn the most I can with every video game, thus my Retro GOTY winners won a place in me. Best examples are Persona 4 (2008) and Final Fantasy IX (2016)

GameSpot and GameInformer were the sites that granted me the opportunity to blog prior to coming here. Good times.

I'm currently 26 years old. Come May 10th and I'll level up.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite number: 4.

Favorite video game genre: Survival Horror. RPGs come second.

Favorite movie: 13 going to 30.

Favorite game of all time: Persona 4.

And, that's about it for now.