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The Glass Bead Network

I have just stumbled across 'The Glass Bead Network' following an email from the web hosts for my blog. They mentioned that one of their employees had been working on this, so I decided to check it out.

This really is an intriguing online gaming network with the games themselves based on 'beads'; things which represent many things all across the world. The goal in any game is to indentify the links between the different beads that are put into play, and by doing so remove all your beads from you panel.

It presents some interesting challenges when you are trying to find a link between two beads, in my first game I had to find a link between the bead acres and the Taj Mahal. A quick bit of Wiki hunting found me my prize. During construction of the Taj Mahal three acres of land were cleared.

In this way The Glass Bean Network provides an impressive educational aspect by making the players find links between different beads furthering their knowledge of many different things.

Depending on the size of the boar being played on, number of players and a variety of different settings games promise to take anything from ten minutes to longer sessions. This really is an intriguing, interesting and exciting concept and I really look forward to it taking off in a big way.

Find out more about The Glass Bead Network here.

This originally featured on my blog.
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